Full-time contributor request for Jim | designer

I am applying as:

Hello team, I’m applying for a full time position with Yam. Currently my position/compensation is set as a part time contributor.

My Role and Responsibilities

  • Brand strategy and vision
  • Marketing and communications strategy
  • Product positioning and marketing planning
  • Marketing communications development, design and deployment
  • Branded, user-centric UI design and content creation
  • Design systems and brand standards

Requested Compensation: Yam Streamed Over 3 Month Period

Per month: 8000 $USD + 1500 YAM BoU (3750 $YAM)

Biography + Skills and Experience:

Jim | designer - has 30 years of traditional and digital branding and design experience. His previous multi-disciplinary agency’s client roster included dozens of Fortune 500 firms including Microsoft, Apple, and IBM – as well as many tech startups.

He has focused his career on interpreting complex technology into succinctly branded user friendly experiences that get results, including large-scale marketing campaigns, end-to-end design systems, and enterprise level websites.

Jim founded and ran his agency, leading all activities, including business development, as well as creative direction and management of teams consisting of designers, writers and developers and project managers.

Value add to Yam Team:

  • Build Yam into a strong, enduring brand in the DeFi space
  • Improve brand awareness, customer acquisition and loyalty
  • Help grow Yam’s ecosystem and increase token holder value
  • Co-lead brand, marketing and design throughout the Yam ecosystem
  • Use a disciplined marketing approach to achieve consistent results
  • Drill into the core of marketing problems in order to find the best solution
  • Have a little fun doing it all

What I’ve done for Yam:

Conducted an extensive brand definition within the Yam governance process that culminated in a successful on-chain vote resulting in consensus of what the Yam brand is and stands for.

Yam Brand Part 1: Brand Perceptions - RFF Yam Brand Part 1: Brand Perceptions - RFF

Yam Brand Part 2: Current vs Desired Perceptions - RFF

Yam Brand Exploration Part 3: Yamifesto Support Points List - RFF

Yam Brand Exploration Part 4: Yam Brand Pillars - RFF

YIP-26 Yam Mission Statement Ratification (Snapshot proposal passed) https://snapshot.page/#/yam.eth/proposal/QmNps6iBdWE4Td91aAD1YC1RCJpLe9v65uG4whgwfMiaZf

Created the tag line: Innovation required. Tyranny rejected. Economics reimagined.

And introduced the new tag line with this twitter post:


Introduced Yam Factory concept:

Umbrella brand pillars:

Umbrella use cases and buyer scenarios:

Degenerative communications strategies:

Yam Weekly News Brief web and email - setup and launch:

Yam brand standards and naming conventions doc - continually updated:


Degenerative ui design iteration - working in concert with Bruce:

DAO House branding and messaging:

DAO House logo design iteration:

What I am planning to do for Yam:

  • Continue developing the Yam brand, building greater awareness and equity
  • Employ disciplined marketing structures: identity target market, point of difference, value proposition, unique selling points, brand pillars, marketing strategy, in order to establish successful foundations for each product launch and marketing effort
  • Design, write and produce brand, marketing and design executions of all types
  • Create user flows, wireframes, UI design and digital assets for Yam properties
  • Work closely with design and dev team to achieve best-in-class web experiences
  • Serve as a team player by applying my experience where it’s needed most

Voting Options:

Approve or Decline


Team fully supports Jim / Designer as a full time contributor! Jim’s experience in branding and marketing has been an invaluable and integral part of the current success of YAM. Jim is the brand Captain of a 5000 person cruise ship who’s job is to navigate and constant course correct in dangerous waters all the while no guest feels it. Thank you Designer for all the contribution you’ve already done. As we move forward with more and more projects, his experience will be invaluable to any new projects.



Jim is involved in all areas of YAM DAO! And everything he works on is done with such detail and dedication . Fully approve this request!!


Jim provides such depth, high level strategy, and critical insight to the Yam DAO. I’m so grateful to be able to collaborate with Jim and love working with him.

I wholeheartedly support this request!


Jim has always been dedicated to the brand & marketing of Yam. He is organized, diligent, and continuously brings up productive work to the Yam! It’s pleasant to work with him. I absolutely support this request!

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Brand is the intangible asset of a project. Jim has shown excellent brand design ability in its past work. Support this request。