Full-time contributor request for THEVDM1 | Jono

I am applying as: Defi Financial Engineer :hammer_and_wrench::chart_with_upwards_trend: (Full time from May onwards, part time for April)

Requested Compensation: Yam Streamed Over 3 Month Period

From May onwards: $5000 :money_with_wings: + 1340 YAM :sweet_potato:per month

Just for April (working half time): 1340 YAM :sweet_potato:

Biography + Skills and Experience:

Defi obsessed power user with expert financial product knowledge and investment & portfolio management skill set across the complex financial product spectrum. Strong grasp of Defi ecosystem and UMAโ€™s synthetic asset framework. Solid coding knowledge included. Managing digital asset portfolios and arbitrage strategies since 2016.

My last job (resigned last month) was in Portfolio Analytics within the Data Insight team at a FTSE100 London Asset Manager where I was tasked with enriching data for actionable insight in managing investments. Before this I was working at a boutique asset and wealth management firm as a Portfolio Analyst and Wealth Manager. I have also passed all levels of the CFA program (respected Masters equivalent investment analyst qualification), have a Post Grad in Financial Planning and a base degree in Investment Management.

What Iโ€™ve done for Yam in the last month:

  • Designed yieldYam :man_farmer::sweet_potato: (in development)
    • Un-liquidatable and to be the highest UMA yielding product in the synthetic ecosystem using YAM (<3) as collateral.
    • Huge utility for Yam holders not only for high APYs but to be used for Yam holders to not sell their Yam but hedge it for bear market conditions.
  • Built a telegram bot :robot:for Yammers to monitor their degenerative synth collateral
  • Produced trading based marketing content
  • DaoHouse :house_with_garden: business development meetings (post Sushi) as technical support
    • Support on complex queries relating to investment management.

Value add to Yam Team:

I would like to bring a wealth of financial expertise to Yam & its product suite. My contributions will always be focused on generating revenue for Yam.:heavy_dollar_sign:This is what will help the Dao sustain itself through the brutal cyclical nature of crypto. And as such this proposal will focus on my revenue generating capabilities for Yam if I am to be signed on by the community. :sweet_potato:

What I am planning to do that is revenue generating for Yam (first 3 months focus):

  • Further develop DaoHouse and potentially design the DaoHouse index product :owl:
    • At a 0.7% streaming fee, $10M in such an index product could generate $70k revenue p.a for Yam. Scalable product.Some work still needs to be done before the index project gets a green light
  • Continue to optimise Degenerative synths for short term rev. generation :moneybag:
    • My proposed change to our synth mechanics would change GCR from 3.24 to 1.29 (using uGasJun as example) substantially increasing our treasury farming rewards โ†’ 60% (*benefit % declines at lower synth prices). And attract higher TVL because the product can become un-liquidatable, further increasing treasury rewards.
    • Excluding special rewards for June uGas, rewards at assumed 50% APR with our $450k ETH position, the change would have earned the treasury $12k more each month until expiry.
    • This mechanical redesign has the same effects on any risky synthetic asset.
  • In depth treasury investment analysis, structuring and management :briefcase::bar_chart:
    • Optimise treasury investment return using data driven insight for decision making. By potentially improving our treasury returns even just 2% p.a from analysis and optimisations could generate Yam an extra $140k p.a. (assuming treasury at $7M)
    • Develop a treasury wide asset management framework

What else I am planning to do for Yam:

  • Technical lead under Feddas in DaoHouse business development :hammer_and_wrench:
    • Including wider support on anything relating to DaoHouse - good to support Feddas who is split between operations and DaoHouse.
  • Monthly detailed treasury analysis and reporting
    • More in depth forecasting, scenario analysis, look-through analysis and returns reporting/attribution.
  • Design/build out new synthetic assets to support DaoHouse clients :art:
    • Futures that help treasury divest governance tokens
    • Covered calls as yield enhanced exits for concentrated token holders
  • Produce investment/trading based marketing content :chart_with_upwards_trend:
    • E.g. medium articles/tweet threads for Degenerative and DaoHouse.
  • Solving any problems for the dao where financial expertise is in need

Voting Options:

Approve or Decline


100% approve TheVDM1โ€™s application! Heโ€™s been super involved and engaged the last couple of weeks contributing a great deal of ideas. Very much enjoy his intellectual curiousity around DeFi/Web3 and creativity.


heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeells yeah


Yam Team Approves @THEVDM1 to join the team! He has already been adding value to degenerative.finance and DAO House on a daily basis.


Full support. This is a highly required area and @THEVDM1 has demonstrated he would be a highly valuable addition.

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I fully support Jono coming on full time. His skills will be very useful in building out Degenerative and DAOhouse and any future financial products that are developed.

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