Full-Time Contributor Request For Writer

Role and Responsibilities: Community Lead

  • Bridge the gap between the core team and wider community, improve communications with a two-way dialogue.
  • Ensure the community remains at the heart of all developments and product decisions.
  • Maximize the community’s potential for growth with new initiatives and a constant focus on driving value to YAM token holders.
  • Empower the community to play an active role as incentivized participants in the DAO.

Requested Compensation:
5000 yUSD and 1666 YAM monthly.

Biography + Skills and Experience:

  • Marketing background in traditional finance, four years working in the Ethereum ecosystem, including marketing, communications and community growth.
  • DeFi native with a strong understanding of both the industry and user needs. Skills include communications (written and verbal), strategy and execution.
  • Previous experience playing a foundational role at a leading DeFi protocol with a clear growth impact, handling communications, content strategy, and community growth.

Value Add to Yam Team:

  • Spearhead all efforts to grow the Yam community and engagement with Yam products. Guarantee a continued focus on both users and the YAM token itself at all levels of operations.
  • Kickstart initiatives to establish an engaged community, including content, open workshops, community contests.
  • Ensure all product development, brand development and communications serve and empower the existing community and YAM token.
  • Bridge the gap between existing communities with a multi-language approach, ensuring no community is left behind.
  • Leverage a long history of connections within the DeFi ecosystem to rapidly scale community growth with both collaboration, partnerships, and deployment of Yam products.
  • Bridge the barrier between the wider community and core contributors, empowering community members as participants and maximizing engagement by ensuring interest-alignment.
  • Serve as a representative for the DAO with media/ podcasts/ publicity.

What I’ve Done For Yam:

  • Redesigned and produced the weekly newsletter ‘Yam Brief’
  • Restructured the Discord server, with a focus on simplicity and value addition (tip bot, price bots, re-structure of channels)
  • Hosted the community call and reformat, with a focus on attracting new attendees and bridging DeFi communities with well-known guests.
  • Established connections between external DeFi communities to showcase the value of Yam Finance products and community and introduce new members.
  • Collaborated on marketing and branding efforts to refocus the Yam narrative and prioritize YAM community members.
  • Created valuable and regular content for the Twitter account, driving forward the Yam narrative.
  • Collaborated on product development to maximize user satisfaction and YAM holder interest-alignment.
  • Helped establish the Museum of Fine Yams to reward community members with NFTs.
  • Served as a welcoming Discord moderator available around the clock.

What I’m planning to do for Yam:

  • Continue to initiate and drive efforts to grow the the Yam community and product engagement.
  • Regular content, marketing, product development and active community presence all fall within this mandate.
  • Continue to connect and collaborate with leading DeFi communities to bootstrap Yam Finance community and product growth.
  • Continue to connect with the marketing, growth, creative and developer departments, ensuring community and the YAM token are the primary focus.
  • Continue to serve as a primary point of contact for community members to connect with the core team, ensuring community voices are always heard and accounted for at all levels of development.
  • Approve
  • Decline

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Writer and his work are critical to Yam’s success. We must have clear and concise communication for our community and Will has demonstrated he has the chops to accomplish both of these.

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Writer not only fills a super important gap (community nurturing) but is an all around defi marketing expert that will bring much needed help to the marketing/creative teams. He’s also a great team player, able to focus on what’s important, and delivers on his promises.

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I fully support Writer coming on full time as he has already done a lot of great work on community management and organization. I look forward to working along side him to continue that work!

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This proposal has passed: Snapshot

Welcome to the team @Writer !