Further Diversify the YAM Treasury with Rari Capital

As you all may know, the YAM treasury is the major strong point of the YAM protocol, and with countless ideas being thrown around for the treasury purpose and allocation, I would like to present mine: further diversification via the Rari Capital ecosystem. Proposal by the Rari Capital Team

Currently, the YAM treasury has yUSD and DPI held within it. I consider DPI to be volatile diversification, with the overall potential for volatile gains and losses as equity; DPI essentially serves as spread equity. Moving forward, while I think the yUSD and DPI allocations are a positive hold and a solid active yield earning assets, deeper diversification is ideal. I believe this can be found with Rari Capital’s new yield pool token ($RYPT), which, like yUSD, is an active yield earning asset.

Useful Links
Official: https://rari.capital/
Rari docs: https://www.notion.so/Rari-Capital-3d762a07d2c9417e9cd8c2e4f719e4c3

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Hi Justin,
Are you from Rari?
Is there a best place to connect with the team?


Hi, I am from the Rari team. You can find some of our chat groups through our website linked above, but I’d love to also hear your thoughts on the idea in regards to YAM.

I would wait until Rari gets market tested, and see where their yields eventually end up. Their yields are seem comparable to the main yield markets.