How to get out of the negative spiral as quickly as possible

YIP: Rebase Parameter Modifications

How to get out of the negative spiral as soon as possible? If the 3 million U.S. treasury is the support of the market value, it will reach the 3 million support position as soon as possible, so that the positive spiral can begin, the national treasury will grow, and the market value will also grow, instead of being immersed in a negative spiral for a long time. Die out.
Making the negRebaseLag parameter equal to AMPL will cause people to remember long-term negative foundations, which will slowly deplete the spirit of the community.



In Chinese idioms
Long pain is worse than short pain

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If the current treasury funds cannot support the current market value of yam, let us reach this bottom as soon as possible, and then start a positive spiral. Don’t waste time in a useless negative spiral.

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This proposal seems lacking in specification. So, I think it belongs in Brainstorming Proposals. Locking it, but feel free to repost there.