Issue an anchored USTONK elastic currency for UTVL

A flexible currency for USTONK, perhaps tied to USTONK prices

Yesterday’s Utonk was released, and it did a good job, but we need to get more people involved, and we need to launch a flexible currency

  1. Airdrop active Defi users to get more people involved

  2. High-end users make profits by participating in TVL, while ordinary users participate through CEX or DEX

  3. Never expires

  4. YAMV3 has rebase experience and is easy to implement

hi @wuyouhome, welcome to the forum. I have a few comments/questions about what you wrote:

  1. What would we airdrop? A new elastic token that follows the price of the uStonk Basket?
  2. what is the distinction between high end and ordinary participants? Is this just so users with less money don’t have to spend gas fees?
  3. this new token wouldn’t expire because is it an elastic token that is pegged to uStonks price?
  4. This sounds very hard to implement.
  • First, targeting the uStonks price means that the target contract is changing monthly. The uniswap/sushiswap pool will change monthly. Would be a huge pain.
  • Second, like all rebasing tokens, it wouldnt really track the value of ustonks, just the price. Take a look at DIGG. it swings wildly around the price of BTC and needs elaborate incentives and infrastructure to try and keep it’s peg.

I’m skeptical as to what the value this would add for the amount of work that it would take to create it.

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