Make more money for treasury

As we known, treasury is the key of Yam.
But Treasury now just 300M, it is little for wonderful Yam project.
Now negative rebase is going on.
And Treasury have no money come in.
Treasury cannot grow up again.
So when negative rebase, some yam move to the treasury instead of destroyed.
Treasury can sell Yam to make money at negative rebase like at positive rebase.
And the negative rebase factor must double as positive rebase.
Like if 5% at positive rebase, must 10% at negative rebase.
It can protect the yam’s Market Cap, and let people not selling Yam at negative rebase.
And we can modify the rate in positive rebase from 5% to 30%,and negative rebase is 60%.
So we can got more money for treasury at no risk way.

Dont worry about the price of Yam, Treasury can help Yam pump, When treasury is grown.
Bcz Treasury can invest some great project to make money for yam holder.
Treasury can buy yam in LP with profit to make the price of yam grown.
Yam holder can get yam from treasury’s profit.
Treasury also can get more rebased yam when yam’s price grown.
So treasury will not destroy the yam.
It is win-win-win situation for yam and treasury and the yam holder.
Not like now, it is lose-lose-lose situation, treasury

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I recommend taking this idea to the brainstorming category to help iron your idea out. As it stands, I’m not sure what it is exactly that you are proposing.