Mint 10million Yamv2 Tokens to Increase Treasure Asset

*** Basic Summary/Abstract ***

After Feb 15, 2021, Yam community will only have one symbol as the official token. Yamv2 will be retired after that timeline. Let’s mint 10million yamv2 and transfer them to Yam treasure to increase yam’s treasure on Feb 16, 2021. Yam Core team can freely determine how to sell these discarded asset. Maybe these tokens could sell into some value asset like eth/wbtc/dpi/sushi etc.

*** Motivation ***

Make Yam Community Consensus United Again!

*** Risks ***

There is no risk.

*** Specifications ***

  1. Call mint(address account, uint256 amount) to create 10million yamv2 and assign them to yam treasure.
  2. Sell them to eth/wbtc/dpi, which depends upon the core team’s decision.
Discard Yamv2 Forever
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  • Against

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Yamv2, 是没法有效废止的, 二师兄就想了个歪招

保准能废掉v2,让它一钱不值, 本提案: 2.16日, 正式铸造1000万yamv2, 交给金库, 任由团队处理!一则增加金库市值, 二来v2瞬间归零,社区统一大业一日完成!

Can you please elaborate on this proposal?
There is the risk that YAM v.3 will drop significantly in value due to dilution of existing YAM-holder.

Why do you say that we need to unite community consensus? Are you saying there is no consensus now?

Your poll makes no sense: The answer to “Discard Yam v.2 forever” does not relate to your forum post.

This is technically impossible. The only address that can mint yamv2 is the migration contract

I’m going to close this thread given that this proposal is not technically possible. If you want to discuss new ideas for getting people to migrate to v2, please post a new thread in proposal brainstorming.