New Formalized Proposal Flow

As we enter V3 governance, the proposal flow must necessarily change as we move from the launch team developing and deploying off-chain approved proposals to fully on-chain proposal execution.

Because the ultimate execution is now on-chain, I believe we should implement a more effective proposal filtration process, taking significant inspiration from YFI’s example. This will allow for deeper discussion of ideas, stronger proposals, less clutter, and in general a more diligent and streamlined flow.

The high level process will be:

Forum Discussion + Poll > Off-chain Signalling > Code Production > On-chain Vote

To standardize the first step, we will utilize an informal process similar to YFI’s:

  1. Stick to the auto-generated template.
  2. Write a concise title with no number. The number will be added by mods once off-chain vote signing starts.
  3. Add understandable (aka non-tech/eli-5) summary.
  4. Add an abstract: what will be done if the YIP is implemented (keep it below 200 words).
  5. Write a longer motivation with links and references if necessary.
  6. Add specifications if necessary.
  7. Formulate clear for and against positions for binary proposals, or a scale of options with an “Against” option for numerically based proposal (eg. rewards should be “1%”, “2%”, “3%”, or “Against Proposal”)
  8. Include a poll to measure sentiment (public, results on vote).
  9. Don’t rush submitting a snapshot proposal, keep discussion going for at least 3 days.

Once the forum discussion has concluded, a proposal can be made using the same structure through the Snapshot portal. The results of this token-weighted vote will serve as signal for code development, the deployment and execution of which will require a fully on-chain ratification.

Please note that if the community approves of this new proposal flow, topics in the forum and proposals on Snapshot will begin to be filtered according to this process.





论坛讨论 + 民意测验 > 链下签名投票 > 完成代码开发 > 链上投票 > 链上部署执行

为了使第一步过程【论坛讨论 + 民意测验】标准化,我们将采用类似于YFI的简明流程:

  1. 请务必使用论坛的自动模板生成器填写内容。
  2. 请添加简洁明了的标题(YIP Title),并且不包含提案编号。如果该提案进入到链下快照签名投票阶段,管理人员将会为其添加提案编号。
  3. 请添加易于理解的基本概要(Basic Summary)描述,参考“非技术/ELI-5”描述标准。
  4. 请添加摘要信息(Abstract),即执行该提案将会对项目产生什么样的作用和影响(请将摘要内容控制在200字以内)。
  5. 请在动机(Motivation)一栏对摘要信息(Abstract)进行进一步解释,同时也可以添加必要的链接和参考资料作为辅助说明。
  6. 如有必要,请在详细说明(Specifications)一栏对该提案进行更为详细的内容描述。
  7. 对于双向选择性提案,请明确阐述“赞成”(For)与“反对”(Against)两方面的立场,或是在可用数值衡量的提案中加入“反对”(Against)选项。(例如奖励额度可设置为:“1%”/“2%”/“3%”/“反对该提案”四个选项)
  8. 请包含民意测验以衡量用户对该提案的态度与观点(请将投票结果公开显示)。
  9. 请不要急于提交链下快照签名提案,让该提案在论坛中保持讨论状态,并至少持续3天。