Part-time Contributor Request for Blokku

Blokku-chan, @blokku-chan

It’s been an exciting experience contributing to Yam the past few months and I’m ready to get into a longer term relationship. I’m applying for a part-time position in Yam and it’s suite of products!

My Role and Responsibilities

  • UX designer
  • Frontend developer
  • Illustrator (2D & 3D)

Requested Compensation

$6,250/month worth of Yam (@$3.25/YAM) Streamed Over 3 Months

Biography + Skills and Experience

I’m the Lead of Product at a seed-stage startup. I have over 7 years of experience designing and building products. I operate in the intersection of customer success, product marketing, technical architecture, and business intelligence; all of which are needed to build incredible products. I’ve led my team from a third-world country to a global scale with international partners and backers. My skills involve full stack development, product design, and marketing. These have helped me build, launch, and scale lots of fun products in the past, for myself (as side projects) and my team. I joined crypto at the peak of the last bull-run (bought the BTC top :sob:) and since have gone down the rabbit hole, all the way to #DeFi.

Value add to Yam Team

Yam operates like a decentralised version of the product studio I run. I’ve learned a lot of painful lessons from my experiences there and will be using that to help the team setup a more robust and efficient product development process. I will be sharing templates and resources we have developed in hopes of that. I also think I can greatly support Yam and it’s suite of products with awesome UX design, branding and marketing graphics.

What I’ve done for Yam

  • Integrated new design-to-development handoff workflow
  • Degenerative V2 information architecture, wireframes, landing page and web app UI
  • Umbrella information architecture, wireframes and web app UI
  • 3D illustrations and character design
  • Product strategy sessions

What I am planning to do for Yam

I’ll be designing and developing the frontend for Yam and it’s products (Degenerative V2, Umbrella, and more). And creating illustrations & animations for its numerous brand/marketing applications.

I’m super grateful for the opportunity to be working with the Yam Fam!

Thank you


@blokku-chan has been instrumental in design and development of the new V2 degenerative site, and has been working on all the other Yam project sites. You haven’t see his work yet, but will very very soon. Team fully supports his request. Thank you Blokku.

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@blokku-chan is a rare breed, combining high-level design with deep technical knowledge and what looks like an effortless ability to create amazing UI. I love his work, and I love working with Blokku because he’s a conscientious team member that’s able to balance his convictions with other team members input to find the best solutions.

Hello @blokku-chan, last i checked and calculated back when we spoke earlier at the onboarding stage, your comp rate should be approx around 2.5 per yam token.

@ethe Yeah you’re right, will fix that. I’ll go ahead and set up the proposal based on that