Part-time Contributor Request for Tom (Scrohe)

Tom’s Role and Responsibilities: Brand and Product Marketing

Integrating all Yam branding, products, benefits, messaging, and content from high level strategies down to tactics and execution to make one cohesive brand to compel users to believe in, buy, and build with YAM.

Requested Compensation: YAM Streamed over 3 month period

From mid-March onwards: 1,340 YAM per month.

Biography + Skills and Experience:

I have over a decade of experience in marketing, strategic planning, and leading cross functional teams in military and corporate settings. I currently work full time as a Brand Manager with P&L responsibility for a Consumer Goods Brand in the top 2% of all U.S. Brands “worth paying more for” (e.g. Nike, Mercedes, etc.). My skills include branding, consumer & market research, product development, go-to-market strategy, budgeting, financial forecasting, building 360-degree marketing and advertising programs, and profit optimization.

Value add to Yam Team:

While I am relatively new to the crypto space, I am not new to distilling complex business problems into actionable insights and execution plans, and leading cross functional teams to achieve strategic objectives. I am excited to continue close collaboration with all YAM members to 1.) establish consensus on direction and priorities in the near term, 2.) develop heuristics to shape strategic decision making over the long term, and 3.) develop and implement marketing strategies and tactics to maximize brand/product reach and impact.

The YAM team is filled with experts from all functions. My expertise is integrating all functions to deliver kickass products and build kickass brands.

What I’ve done for Yam:

Developed focus and alignment among contributors and community

  • Internal contributor survey to gain alignment on strategy and structure
  • Co-authored updated vision and values to incorporate contributor and community sentiment and goals (pending formal approval now)
  • Drafted DAO guild structure (pending formal approval now)
  • Improved Systems
    • Created marketing brief format adapted for YAM DAO–streamlines and standardizes all marketing and creative development
    • Brand positioning and enhancing focus with input on discord channels, community communication, and content

What I am planning to do for Yam:

Immediate goals (Within the next 2 weeks)

  • Finish Strategy, Systems, and Guiding DAO Documents
    • Get formal approval for vision & values
    • Guild structure, guild responsibilities
    • Decision making flow-chart
    • Refine, publish, and implement brand guidelines (degen, umbrella, dao house→ updated brands)
    • Heuristics for product development (what attributes must our products have to be worthwhile and return value to YAM token holder?)

Ongoing Work

In collaboration with YAM team:

  • Develop objectives, strategies, and tactics to support brand vision in accordance with brand values
  • Collaborate cross functionally with the entire YAM team, utilizing community and market insights to define opportunities, support development, and implement marketing tactics to maximize adoption and growth of products and YAM brand, resulting in maximum value (treasury and YAM price).
  • Empower marketing and community management with consistent brand guidelines and supporting documentation
  • Foster a culture of practice, performance, and data orientation.
  • Return YAM to a protocol/token of renown with a market cap measured in billions

I am here because of the inspiring resilience and dedication of the YAM team and for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of the DeFi revolution. I yam excited to help YAM build integrated and novel DeFi products designed to return value to Yam token holders in pursuit of a decentralized self sovereign financial system for all.


Hey Tom,

The work that you have done so far has been great! So I support this request!

But can you please clarify what your hourly commitment will be per week. I don’t see it in the post. Thanks!

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Thanks, Ross!

Minimum 50%.

Realistically I’m spending much more time on yam than my full time job lately, but in case I have a deadline during normal work hours I only want to sign up for what I know I can deliver for now.


I highly recommend Tom as a key team member. The impact of his work so far is both pragmatic and visionary. His contribution will melt faces!

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This Proposal has passed: Snapshot

Welcome to the team @tmoneywatershoes !