Partnership Proposal with DeFiato

Hello Yam Community, I am Angela from DeFiato

Your Contact information (Discord /Telegram Info):

Telegram: @nath_angela

Product/Opportunity Name: DeFiato

DeFiato is the next-gen centralized platform for DeFi staking, yield farming and financial services. The easy to use platform will allow users to enter the DeFi ecosystem without technical barriers and reduce financial risks associated with decentralized applications.

Product/Opportunity Details:

We would like to partner and integrate with your project. We offer multiple ways of collaboration to ensure that this partnership is beneficial to your project:

  1. List your project token on Defiato and expose your project to over 100,000 users on the platform.

  2. Increase TVL by Integrating your token farms on Defiato so more users can farm directly via our One-Click-to-Farm proprietary technology.

  3. Deposit USD directly to your wallet with fiat on and off ramp features that will be rolled out in Q2 2022. Unlocking the next step of mass adoption.

  4. Market your project and token via our community (Twitter: 50k+; Telegram: 30k+).

Product/Opportunity website, discord, etc.

Telegram Group: Telegram: Contact @DeFiato

Thank you

It seems this got flagged as spam. And while I personally don’t see the value of this “partnership”, It doesn’t seem like it is spam.

Regarding the opportunity: Defiato seems to be a centralized custodian that focuses on yield farming. This is in many ways the antithesis of what I view YAM’s mission to be. Not to mention that CEX listings have proven to be more of a headache than a benefit to us in the past.

Hello, I would like to clarify regarding that we are not CEX.
Defiato is a Defi aggregator, it allows any DeFi service such as swapping, yielding farming, loans/borrowing, cross-chain or more to be accessible by our users. DeFiato is not limited by technological or user-related hurdles that Defi faces.
Our easy to use platform is the mean to bridge mainstream user into the defi world. And we have our one click to farm technology to minimize any risk and simplify the usual lengthy process of farming.