Partnership Proposal with

Hello YAM community, I am d_K from Multifarm.

Multifarm is a Defi analytics platform and dashboard solution builders. We have partnered with Dao/Defi protocols like Olympus Dao, Redacted Cartel, Maia Dao, Reimagined Finance, Exponential Capital, Paragons Dao etc.

Discord: d_K#2001
Telegram: @d_Knght

Product/Opportunity Name: Multifarm Dashboard Solution

Product/Opportunity Details:

  • Gives great overview of critical metrics and strengthens trust and transparency for your community (i.e. emphasize high reporting standards for your project)

  • Much more holistic/complete overview and able to integrate into website (e.g. Show Historical Data/Growth, Asset Allocation, Revenue etc.)

  • Helps your investors to understand better your ecosystem in a deeper way/what’s happening behind the curtain

  • Let your dev team focus on smart contract development and outsource time-intensive integration task

  • Customizable to the needs/design of the team (we will offer design help)

  • Will share API so you can use data in other parts of website/landing page as well

  • Will share codebase with team for transparency and re-use

  • Team gets exclusive access to internal-only login (CMS) to write notes, organize/add/remove positions in order to professionalize portfolio management and risk management strategy

  • We support all major chains (Multi-Chain Support)

  • You get access to Multifarm Yield Farming community and PR exposure


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