Partnership Proposal with Solace

Hello YAM Community! I’m Camilla from Solace, an insurance protocol.

Your Contact information (Discord /Telegram Info):
Telegram: @iamnotcamilla
Discord: Camilla | Solace#9481

Product/Opportunity Name: Solace

Solace is a decentralized insurance protocol that offers Solace Wallet Coverage, the first and only DeFi insurance product that allows a user to insure positions for over 180 DeFi protocols across Ethereum and Polygon with one policy.

Product/Opportunity Details:

We would like to partner and integrate with YAM. We offer two ways of collaboration to ensure that this partnership is beneficial to your project:

1) A little co-promo campaign, which includes next things:

  • we’ll create the referral link to which your users will get extra 50$ for wallet-based coverage

  • run a joint Twitter space where we’ll tell how to manage the risks in DeFi

  • run an AMA session in your discord

  • we’ll make the thread about why YAM is a cool project

  • run a joint meme raffle with $SOLACE reward (optional)

2) SDK integration:

  • Solace SDK allows YAM users to get covered in few clicks in your UI with no need to jump on another website, in this scenario we will provide technical support and set up income sharing as well

Product/Opportunity website, discord, etc.

Discord: Solace

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