Partnership with Bitkeep wallet

:wave: Welcome! If you have a business inquiry, partnership, or product that you would like to present to YAM, please post as much information about it here as possible. If there is interest, someone will get back to you.

Your Contact information (Discord /Telegram Info):

β€” Tg - @Gurugovind0

Product/Opportunity Name:

β€” Bitkeep wallet

Product/Opportunity Details:

β€” We’re reaching out to from BitKeep, One of the most comprehensive decentralized multi-chain wallet, combines Wallet, BitSwap, DeFi, Dapp, NFT together, aiming to become the largest entry to decentralized world.
BitKeep have the largest community in Asia. BitKeep have 4,800,000+ Registered users, 45,000+ Tokens in assets, 48+ Public Chains integrated, 8,000+ Dapps, supporting 6 Languages while covering 200+ Countries.

Product/Opportunity website, discord, etc.

β€” Web :-
Twitter :-

If your inquiry or product is not able to be presented publicly then you can request a private meeting. Be aware that if the DAO is going to use, fund, or partner with anyone, the deal will need to be made public.

what is the opportunity? All I see is a description of your wallet product?