Product Rebrand Proposal

Product Rebrand Proposal

Today I would love to present the community with a proposal that I believe will be a huge step forward for the Yam Finance ecosystem.

As we all know the DAO is currently working on three core products;
Degenerative Finance Synthetics,
Umbrella protection,
DAO House treasury management.

Yam Finance is putting itself on the map as a DeFi powerhouse, a collective of incentivized participants united by the YAM token and a shared set of values.

Today we’re aiming to take that unifying force to the next level by bringing product branding inline with the YAM token we all love.

If the community agrees with this proposal products will be rebranded as:
Yam Synths
Yam Protection
Yam Treasury

With this milestone we will recenter all Yam DAO products, putting the YAM token at the heart of everything we do. The core message of the DAO will be strengthened, and all products will benefit from this renewed clarity.

The rebrand would be followed by a revised tokenomics model that will see YAM move far beyond a governance token, (more details to be announced soon).

The core team are deeply committed to growing out a powerful DAO of economically incentivized participants, and this update would be a significant step on the road towards that goal.

Love the existing branding? Don’t worry! We’re endeavoring to keep the essence of the existing brand intact, using zombies, umbrella and house emojis as visual motifs.

With this significant update to our product line we are also revising our release estimations. Yam Synths (previously V2) is now estimated to launch mid May. Yam Protection work is ongoing, and will not be launched until a fair arbitration layer has been thoroughly tested.

Yam Synths Preview

Yam Protection Preview

Community Call Wed 5th 5PM UTC: Yam Synths Preview
Interested in learning more? There’s going to be a full presentation and open workshop on this week’s community call, including a sneak peak at upcoming synthetics! Make sure not to miss it! If you’re unable to attend the full streaming of the event will be available on YouTube as always.

Should we rebrand Yam products?

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Team YAM is a bunch of unregulated wage hustlers, nicely named DAO

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The team says investors should not pay attention to the price of coins, but why issue YAM tokens, just to cheat investors out of their money?

@andyye Please keep conversation focused on the issues at hand. If you have problems with something that the team is doing, please create a new forum thread or bring it up on the discord. Continued hijacking of threads will lose you forum privileges.

The Discourse forum is for longer form, focused discussion. I will leave your posts up for the next 24 hours to give you time to move or re-post appropriately, and then will delete.

This thread is to discuss YAM rebranding.

I just posted about umbrella here: Umbrella Beta Launch Plan and Decisions

Please keep discussion in this thread focused on the Rebrand proposal.

This is an awesome step to tighten up the YAM brand and remove confusion with the various products we’ve launched. Good stuff


This is a change that I have been struggling with internally. After a fair amount of thought and discussion with team members, I have come around and agree with this direction.

I was worried that this could limit future flexibility and constrain the ability of the DAO to take on varied new projects. But as it stands, the cohesiveness of a single brand umbrella seems to outweigh those concerns. This will help the wider community understand that our products are directly built by, and tied to, the YAM DAO while still being broad enough to allow us to work within that brand with a fair amount of freedom.

I have also come to realize that although the branding may be unified, that does not mean that this closes the door on projects launching their own tokens if that is beneficial.

I support this proposal.

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@andyye The team says no such thing and I’m not sure where you got this idea. I’m personally working around the clock to improve the YAM token value proposition.

This will be the first step to unify the great YAM brand, and will be followed with a revised tokenomics model that puts YAM at the center of the DAO as a powerful lynchpin of the organsiation.

@mrmiah Thanks so much for the vote of confidence! Really looking forward to seeing this implemented and taking the DAO to the next level.

@rossgalloway I really appreciate the level of analysis you brought to the internal discussions and am happy to see you fully support the proposal. I too have a big vision for YAM as a powerful overarching meta-brand and I see this move today as the first steps to creating that strong force.

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Hopefully, with William’s leadership, YAM prices will go up steadily. We’re going to the moon


It is hoped that under William’s leadership, the price of yam will steadily drop to US $0.50

Just a heads up guys, Yam Synths is now scheduled for mid may launch (estimated two weeks)!

Snapshot vote is live!

Hi All,

The original vote for this proposal did not meet quorum. See the post above this one for the link.

We have resubmitted a new vote which ends in a few hours. Sorry for the late notice to anyone not in discord. I forgot to update here on the forum. The new vote has met quorum and YES is winning. There are still 2 hours to vote, so if you haven’t and want to, now is the time.

Here is the link: Snapshot