Publish a KP3R Job to Make Yam Rebase Automation

*** Basic Summary/Abstract ***

Manual click rebase has run into many problems. First, it is not on time and many rebase is skipped. Secondly, it is very costly for yam investors especially the gas is above 50gwei. It is time to create a new keep’s job on kp3r network to make this on time and fully automated.

*** Motivation ***

Make Yam Community Consensus United Again!

*** Risks ***

Cannot find many negative effects and let’s fund it.

*** Specifications ***

  1. Publish a keep job to make rebase contract call automated and there are good examples there already.
Let’s Make Rebase Fully Automation
  • Yes, Automation Yam Rebase Clicking
  • No, Let’s Keep Manually Clicking

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We don’t need another proposal for this when we already have discussions going about rebase incentivization in 2 other threads. You could have posted this exact same thing in one of those other threads. Lets try to keep our discussions focused to 1 forum thread please.