Re-Org - Grant Application #3

Re-Org - Grant Application #3

Project Name YAM Re-ORg
Author Ross
Date 2022.09.15
Discord Handle Ross :sweet_potato:#2221
Status [draft]
Discourse [Insert link when available]
Spec Doc Yam Re-Org - Project Specification
Snapshot [Insert link when available]

This post was edited on 9/23/2022 for added clarity. you can see the original post by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right corner of the post.

Please review the full specification document linked in the table above.

1. Project/Grant Description :question:

Tell us about the project that you are applying to receive a grant for.

This proposal continues the work done in prior Re-Org Grants and implements critical features for the system to run effectively. In order for the grant model to be successful it needs to be clearly documented with clear guidelines around how it works and what to expect when operating within it. It also needs a robust community of participants to review and vet grant proposals and assist with its functioning. Grants are the current product the the DAO is selling and without these pieces we risk making a bad first impression with potential customers in contributors and applicants.

The specific elements that we need built are:

  • Better Documentation of the grants process and templates for grant applications and Specification documents.
  • Better Documentation of the YAM governance model and how it interacts with the grants process.
  • A robust system for accessing the documents and deliverables that are created during the grants process.
  • A plan to improve the quality and breadth of governance participation by creating a system that rewards participation outside of the grants model.

2. Grant Scope :building_construction:

First off, a recap of where we are: The big moves of the Re-Org have been mostly fleshed out.

  • The grants system is in place and most contributors have been pretty good about using it. Here is the most recent specification document:
  • Gov-Ops is in place and while it still needs some specification and solidification, it seems like it works fine. The funding for the current Gov-Ops beta test runs until the end of September and I believe designer is working through a more complete “contract” for the council rules. I may need to give some feedback on that, but I don’t see it being a big time commitment and can probably fall into my Gov-Ops role, since there isn’t much else going on for that.
  • Numerous other pieces are in a “good enough” state and just need refinement. The documentation for it is ok for someone who is interested in following along or helping to build it, but not good enough for promoting it to potential grant applicants.

The Re-Org is ready to get out of the proof of concept stage and into the Beta stage. This means that contributors need to be using it exclusively to fund existing work, getting comfortable with it, and discussing problems/bugs that they find. It is not ready for active promotion and attempts to attract outside talent to work in the system. Anyone is welcome to try, but we risk alienating contributors with an unpolished, rough system.

To get to a polished system that we can go out and sell there are some pieces that I feel are missing and deserve more attention:

  • Better examples of good project documentation and specification documents. I will either work with current grant recipients to improve their documents or do it for them with their blessing. We should have good, consistent examples to show others what we expect.

  • Better Documentation. I have begun this and started to incorporate it into the Yam Information Repository here.

  • Develop and make the Yam Information Repository the canonical place for grant documents to live and be easily retrievable by token holders. The Gist is that it is a system for organizing grant documents and deliverables and keeping track of projects. A decentralized DAO file system build using Github that gives each grant recipient or project a dedicated repo in the YAM Github organization. Work that needs to be done:

    • Write a specification document for the system and website.
    • Determine how to access control it in a way that is both open, but constrained by the DAO.
    • Document how to use it.
  • Build out a plan and infrastructure to improve the quality and breadth of governance participation via something like the The Governance Stewards Program.

    • Determine parameters for incentivized participation and compensation outside of full on grant applications.
    • Encourage delegation and voting.
    • Create a community that is helpful and engaged as a value add for grant recipients.
    • side note: I recently spoke with the developer of about their product and it looks like a promising avenue to start tracking participation of contributors outside of the grants process. Much of the infrastructure already exists and is used by other DAOs like ENS. You can go on their site and see the dashboard for YAM and connect a forum account to get that counted too. it can also track Discord activity.

3. Grant Duration and Funding Request :money_with_wings:

I am asking for a 1 month long grant, retroactively starting from September 1st. I have been working on the governance repository, documentation, and refinement of the Re-Org specs already and should be able to get a good chunk more done in the next 2 weeks.

The Funding request is 100 hours @ $85/hour = $8500.
70/30 USDC/vested YAM. YAM paid at 30 day average rate.

4. About You :busts_in_silhouette:

Tell us about you and your team. What experience do you and your team have that is relevant to the project. Please provide github profiles, websites, prior work, etc

I have been working on YAM full time for the last year and have focused on improving the operations, organizational structure, and efficiency of YAM. I have been the primary person behind the development of the YAM Re-Org and new grants model. I have also contributed project management and design work for the YAM website and YAM Synths, both conceptual and front end. I have started trying to do more development work, fixing problems with the website and trying to build useful tools for the DAO. I am currently a member of the Gov-Ops Council.

You can read my original employment proposal is located here: Full-time contributor request for Ross.
My transparency reports for the last 3 months are August, July, and June. Older reports can be found on the forum.

5. Additional Information

Please add any additional information here that doesn’t have a place to go above and you think is important to fully specify this project.

Prior grants to work on this project can be seen here and here

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Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

As a contributor since October 2020, we do not fail because we do not have “systems” we fail because of the lack of leadership and holding people accountable. Your systems will not change this, no matter how eloquently written they are.

You assume that Token Holders will keep contributors honest. When I did NOT vote to approve payment to contributors that submitted their transparency reports late (as was decided and agreed to by said contributors) you called me an “asshole” publicly for not voting to approve.

No, it isn’t a system issue. it’s a personnel issue. Until we have responsible and accountable contributors, nothing will happen here at Yam.

Still looking for some feedback here. But in the meantime, a progress update:

I have deployed a new version of the Yam Information repository.

Updates include

  • the promised specification document for it, which can be found here: YAM Repository Website and File Storage | YAM Information Repository.

  • I have also updated cleaned up the silos listed (as this is proof of concept I have removed the ones I don’t follow the new template. I am happy to work with other contributors to get their files into the new template if this model is approved.

  • I have added more documentation in the Yam Re-Org deliverables folder. One for the yam and another for the information repository/file system work.

  • updated the template files and template folder structure to allow easy copying for new project silos.

  • Updates to the documentation section. This section includes reworked version of the old docs from github along with new documents about the re-org structure. I would love to get some eyes and comments on the new Governance Overview Page as it introduces some new terms that I want to get reactions to. It breaks governance actions into 3 parts:

    • YIPs: The “YAM Improvement Proposals” we know and love, which are snapshot votes that impact the DAO but are not grant related.
    • GAPs: Which stands for “Grant Administrative Proposal” and are snapshot votes that are grant-related.
    • YXPs: Which stands for “Yam eXecution Proposal” and are the on-chain votes used to execute both YIPs and GAPs.

    The section on grants and applying is still a WIP and needs to be cleaned up and made consistent with the processes outlined in the new Specification Document

If you would like to contribute to any of this, the github repos are located here:

I updated the original post for added clarity and persuasion. you can see the original post by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right corner of the first post.

I plan to move to a snapshot vote on Monday (2022.09.26).

As one of the gov-ops council members, we’ve actively worked with contributors from the past to discontinue retroactive payments.

As one of the gov-ops council members, we’ve talked about how working without an approved grant is a risk that the person doing the work takes. Before they can be paid, the grant must be approved. Whether I proposed this on September 1st or September 15th, what matters is whether the grant gets approved before any compensation requests are made.


All payments are “retroactive payments” in that they happen after the work has been done. It shouldn’t matter when work is done as long as it happens before payment. From the standpoint of transparency and accountability, the following are equivalent:

approvalworkpresentation payment

I am trying to get this work approved. The fact that I have already done some of it should make no difference and If it is approved then I will submit what I have done for payment at the end of the month. If it isn’t then I will either negotiate or take a hit on my time.

From a TD perspective this doesn’t satisfy the mandate. I am not supporting this.

In order for me to continue working on YAM, I’m going to need a bit more than that.

  • What parts don’t satisfy your mandate?
  • What work on the core grants mechanism that I have created would satisfy your mandate?
  • What else would satisfy your mandate?

If you want to be the de-facto boss, it would be nice to have a bit more communication about what your goals and expectations are beyond 1 sentence responses saying “no.”