RE-YAM Global Image Promotion Activity

Basic Summary
The world is always changing fast. Hard working can not guarantee relative rewarding. We need smart work. The strong power of social media has jumped into the mainstream of marketing. Many people will like to support something just because everyone does it on the Internet. Although the Yam team works hard and the treasury has grown, the community is also relatively active comparing with other defi projects. But the price of Yam has not risen along with these. Yam project seems to hardly get enough confidence from the crypto market, neither to be active. We need to use active social marketing activities to attract the eyeball with connecting the real world, in order to widely spread Yam image., The market’s confidence thus could be restored, even make Yam to be a popular symbol.

YAM Global Image Promotion Activity The key to this marketing activity is to use high creativity and positive energy to combine the masses, the real world, and public welfare services at the front end, and a remarkable NFT art works made by the activities summary at the back end . 50% of the NFT income from auction will be used for public welfare. another 50% to be the benefits of Yam holders.

Activity plan

  1. Hold “The Global Yam Image Communication Creative Competition”, two weeks for participants to sign up. Participants need to upload two photos: one is to convey Yam image creative photo for competition judgment. Regardless of gender/age/ race, can express the concept of Yam in unrestricted creative ways such as holding yam, eating yam, planting yam in the field, and conveying the image of yam with the most eye-catching and positive energy. In the second photo, the main Contestant in the first photo needs to hold a paper and writes down the photoed time/country/location/name (nickname)/ the last four codes of ethereum address of the participant, for the reviewers to verify and to receive the Yam token prize.
  2. Announcement of the activity —
    a.Yam official twitter: releases the outline of the activity
    b. Yam official website: releases the latest information and the full content of the event.
    c. Social media channels: WeChat, Weibo, Telegram, discord, CEX, Reddit, Medium, Youtube, etc.
    d. Press release: Chinese/English official press releases are actively provided to all Chinese and English encrypted financial media and exchanges (the press release includes several demonstrative photos in addition to the text).
  3. Slogan:Simply Yam
  4. Winning rewards
    a. The first place will be issued Yam tokens worth USD 30,000, based on the day the judgment is completed.
    b. The second place will be awarded to Yam tokens worth 15,000 U.S. dollars.
    c. The third place will be awarded Yam tokens worth USD 5,000.
    d. Seven encouragement prizes, each with 1,000 USD Yam tokens.
    e. One hundred excellent works rewards, with 100 USD Yam tokens for each.
  5. Judgment mechanism
    a First, a three-person judging panel composed of Yam team will filter out the substandard or inferior entries and select 110 better entries.
    b. 30 best works selected by the community on yam forum
    c. The 10 best works voted from 30 on snapshot to go to the final.
    d. On YAM’s official twitter, the public will vote for the top three with their twitter accounts
  6. NFT create and auction
    a. Edit all winning works (up to 110 pieces) to creat a remarkble NFT, and hold public auctions on proper platforms.
    b. All participants need to fill in the form when participating in the competition. If they receive a bonus, they must unconditionally and unlimitedly authorize the digital right of the photo and the right of portraits in the photos to Yam.finnance for used in public welfare/commercial and reproduction.
  7. Activity expenditure and income planning
    a. The total rewards expenditure is USD 70,000, which will be paid to the winners by YAM Treasury in YAM tokens.
    b. All media that cooperate with the publication of the complete press release content of this event will be given 100 YAM tokens, but only the media actively contacted by YAM officials, and not over 30.
  8. Group division of human resource
    Event planning and preparation team/preliminary review team/UI production/NFT production /NFT auction /charity execution /Yam holder benefit planning and execution
  9. Timeline planning
    a.Activity planning and preparation: two weeks
    b. Press release: one week before the start of the event
    c. Entry time for participants: two weeks
    d. Preliminary screening: one week
    e. Community voting: one week
    f. Twitter final vote: one week
    g. NFT production: one week
    h. NFT auction: one week
    i. Public welfare execution /Yam holder benefit execution: two weeks
  10. Evaluation of expected effects
    a.This activity is a large and highly creative marketing model that has never appeared in the crypto industry as I know so far. From virtual to physical, participation regardless of national borders, race, age, gender. From press release to event ongoing, run-off voting, NFT auction, these are expected to reach four waves, attracting the attention of massive people, and having a geometric chain reaction effect on the positive promotion of the image of Yam.
    b. With the public’s love for the image of yam, it can attract the support of the general public for Yam.
    c. Restore the trust of old investors in Yam and the joining of new investors.
    d. Successful marketing will make the project much more active, and the price of yam is expected to be warmer.
    e. A positive effect on the harmony of Yam community.

This marketing activity will take about three months from preparation to execution. Once the proposal is passed, a project team will be formed as soon as possible to announce the linear schedule. Specific public service content, Yam holder benefit implementation mode, other related details, etc., will be proceeded further discussion after passed.


  1. Do you support this marketing activity—
  • for
  • against
  • I have other opinions (please state your views in detail in the reply)

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  1. How much budget of the total prize you think should be proper–
  • 30,000U/15,000U/5,000 for the top three, total prize is around 70,000U
  • 6,000U/3,000U/1,000U for the top three, total prize is around 24,000U
  • even lower

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I think it’s a cool promotion, but I think the rewards are way too high. If we’re willing to spend $70k USD on a marketing campaign, I think there are probably more effective executions we could spend the money on.

I’d be open to it with lower rewards though.

How much you think it is proper of the rewards ? I can add an option for vote. This can be decided by the community.
But I would like to elaborate something.
Nike lists 5% of its annual income to be the marketing budget, that’s one of the reason of their success.
I had done many successful marketing events, some of those even got headlines on mainstream media.
If you can’t create impact through marketing event, then don’t do it. That’s my experiences and logic.
Besides, this activity might earn money through remarkable NFT works. who knows?