Refund from the missed migration multisig

Dear Yam’s Community,

I am very sorry to bother you to review below issue!
Like others, I was excited to be able to migrate V2 into V3 at first time on Sep 19, but unfortunately, I sent 600 Yam v2 to contract address for migrator directly by mistake, pls kindly review Transaction Hash: 0x5eab7b6bbd0ba588f7098a4e10b3eecef6aeab054ed89cfa4d8a2aa88fb6f8db
After checked with respected Yam team, noted that this issue should be fixed by a proposal, so I raise this proposal for helping from the community, hope that I can get this YAMV2 back as I bought them at $32… :sweat: :sweat:

  • A. refund from the missed migration multisig.
  • B. use the rescueToken function via on-chain governance.
  • C. Not refund you

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