Retroactive Compensation Details

Below are the breakdowns of the retroactive compensation voted for here:

These payments will be batched and executed on-chain in an upcoming vote.


Lol, so instead of using the treasury to buy YAM and trying to bring the price back to parity (as initially stated) we are going to use it to distribute money. This feels like a rugpull with extra steps.

I would recommend applying the standards of accounting here, e.g. no booking without receipt.

My proposal would be a detailed receipt by each receiver about the service and effort provided for the retroactive compensation.
The pragmatic way of providing the receipt would be an answer under the post signed with the receiving ETH address and the corresponding service line items provided.

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As I understand not all members of the launch team are still with Yam. Why pay someone that is no longer involved?

I think this is certainly best practice going forward, and compensation will be much more documented and managed in the future. Part of the problem here is that its covering a highly irregular 3 month period. We certainly could get each member to sign and get line items, but pretty much all work has been done in a public setting and can be verified on discord/forum/github.

Because this is retroactive payment, not ongoing. It can be thought of as contract based work I suppose.

Is there a contract that Yam holders should be aware of?

The launch team built a platform but it has failed at least once, and some of the launch team hasn’t put in any work to grow yam V3. If they don’t believe in Yam to the extent that they leave the project, they should not be paid.

To be clear, I am only advocating against such high pay for former team members. In this proposal there are some big payments for people that are no longer here. There are others that are working hard to advance Yam V3, let’s save the money for them.

The Snapshot vote proposed the general breakdown and was voted on by the community, so we have to stick to these breakdowns.

As far as the launch team’s compensation, I believe it’s quite in line with the amount of effort and value that each member contributed. Getting to V3 was a 2 month long process and most of the launch team was deeply involved in getting it to that stage. Their compensation is commensurate with their role in creating the base protocol, but nothing further.

I believe its important to set the tone in the YAM community that contributions will be compensated.

Yes, we should set the tone that we compensate for successful value add work and commitment. We should not compensate people that do a half job and then jump ship while the project is at a low point.

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We should increase the salary of developers and those who actually contribute to the project, and not treat the same position equally, so that it is unfair to those who really contribute. Part of the salary should be a bonus system,The developer will get a bonus for delivering the work in advance。

@alex. This proposal has already been enacted. But you should contribute your thoughts to this topic: Contributor Compensation Frameworks

It discusses the framework to reward devs and contributors going forward. This framework passed, but we imagine that it is a living document, so we can adjust it in the future.