Set up the HBDC(Holder’s Benefits and Development Committee)to make Yam develop more harmoniously

Set up the HBDC(Holder’s Benefits and Development Committee)to make Yam develop more harmoniously

Basic Summary
In spite of the core team releasing the good intention, the investor’s feedback plan has never been clearly proposed during the past few months. This plan is to implement Yam holder’s rights with an organizational system, which we can firmly believe to therefore greatly reduce internal conflict, and let Yam smoothly develops outward.

This proposal is based on the amendment of the SDC. Since the team and the community can not reach a consensus on the positioning of the SDC, we need to remove the friction between both. So the HBDC is to clarify the division between Yam holder’s rights and operating rights.

I am aware of that the dev team is indeed willing to feedback Yam holders. Due to relevant regulations, it is not so easy to propose specific plans, So this caused misunderstandings in community, the complaints has never stop and is not able to be eliminated. If there’s a statutory organization which is acceptable by both , it can be confirmed that the rights and interests of Yam holders are protected. The relevant benefits and future development can be planned by the elected members of the committee and to implement after voting on the proposal.

HBDC aims to ensure the rights and interests of Yam holders without interfering with the team’s operation. Two committee members are selected with one-year term, and re-election will be carried out one month before the expiration of the term. Committee members are responsible for feasibility and specific planning of the relevant benefits of Yam holders. What they have to do are below-

  1. Propose specific feedback plan of Yam holders in the near future.
  2. Collecting and sorting out opinions of Yam holders and to research those to become workable plan.
  3. Propose proper plans for the benefits of Yam holders bases on the development of Yam.
  4. The communication bridge between the community and the team.

Those suitable candidates should meet the following conditions—

  1. Basic English communication and English writing proposal ability are necessary.
  2. Who can promote harmonious internal communication and resolve community doubts(especially Chinese community).
  3. Be able to consider the overall situation of Yam, and to give specific opinions on
    issues instead of complains.
  4. Never had insult any other in the community.

HBDC is an independent organization. The committee member is a part-time job and the reward is paid by the treasury. If the community think someone is not suitable, a recall vote can be submitted after six months of the member’s service. Follow the general proposal process and it is stipulated that both the forum and the snapshot vote must be more than half, that is, the recall is completed. The vacancy by-election will be carried out within a week. The by-election will be undertaken by other member. If two members are successfully recalled at the same time, the team should assign an appropriate person to take charge of the by-election work.

Under the principle of fairness, HBDC members accept self-recommendation or recommending others, but they need to explain the reason for their eligibility and attach their main experience or specialty for the community to evaluate. For the second stage of the forum, candidates must obtain at least 15% of the votes to enter the snapshot vote. After the proposer sorts out the votes and opinions of this case, 2~5 candidates will be listed on snapshot for voting.

election process—the first stage of the forum accepts recommendating others or self-recommendation(7 days) > candidates who meet the specifications enter into the second stage of the forum for voting(5 days) > those who get more than 15% of the votes enter into the snapshot voting(5 candidates at most, 3 days) > the top two high candidates are elected.
Recall vote—The proposal can be only submitted to forum after the term is over six months of the member, > when the agree votes is over half in 7 days, then goes to snapshot > the recall is completed after the agree votes is over half > by-election of vacancies will proceed in seven days (new elected member is to continue the remaining term)

Poll to Measure Sentiment
The following are the polls of opinions collection of this proposal—

1. Your Attitude about setting up the HBDC—
  • for
  • against
  • I have other opinion.(Please state your view in reply)

0 voters

2. Which one is proper of the rewards for committee member per month—
  • 500 BoU Yam
  • 1,000 BoU Yam
  • 1,500 BoU Yam

0 voters

3. You think the process of election and recall—
  • for
  • against
  • I have other opinion.(Please state your view in reply)

0 voters

Please recommend yourself or other with the explained specification above.

Those recommended candidates with qualified specification will be listed for voting. If the number is over 5 persons, they need to compete in forum for the first stage by voting. Not over 5 candidates will go directly to snapshot for voting.

(There’s a Chinese version in reply zone for reading reference.)






  1. 持幣人近期可行性具体回馈方案。
  2. 持币人民意搜集整理并研究成为可行计划。
  3. 就Yam发展情况提出对应持币人福利之计划。
  4. 社区和经营团队之间的沟通桥梁。


  1. 具有基本英语沟通以及正式英文提案能力。
  2. 能促使内部和谐沟通,解除社区(尤其是中国社区)疑虑。
  3. 能为Yam大局着想,对问题能提出具体意见而非抱怨。
  4. 不曾在社区有过侮辱他人之言词。


委员选举流程—论坛第一阶段接受推荐或自荐(7天) > 符合规格之候选人进入论坛第二阶段投票(5天) > 获得15%以上选票者进入快照投票(最多只取五名,3天)> 前两名高票者当选。
罢免投票—委员任期满六个月后由提案人在论坛提案进行投票 > 罢免同意票过半数则进入快照投票 > 罢免同意票过半数即通过罢免程序 > 七天内进行缺额补选(新当选者补足该名委员剩余的任期)


  1. 你对本提案的态度
    ○ 赞成
    ○ 反对
    ○ 我有其它意见(请在回复中陈述)
  2. 你认为委员的每月报酬多少较为适当—

○ 500 BoU Yam
○ 1,000 BoU Yam
○ 1,500 BoU Yam

  1. 您对选举与罢免流程的规划—
    ○ 赞成
    ○ 反对
    ○ 我有其它意见(请在回复中陈述)



We are open to any feedback / input and discussion from the entire community. It doesn’t have to be from a elected committee. I don’t see the added value of an elected committee. If you want there to be more benefits to token holders, we in general are for any proposal that has been well thought out. If ANYONE is having issues with a language barrier, let us know. If your willing to put together a good idea in any language we will find a way to work out the translations.

In my opinion a “committee” might not be a value add but having another team member that can add value to the team is always a good thing. If there is anyone out there that wants to learn / participate / add value to Yam please let us know. You will of course need to be approved by the community but the current team is here to help with the process.

This is an existing model of company system in real world, it’s been proofed workable. I think we should respect all community members, how they feel about this. As I said in proposal, there isn’t a plan how to feedback Yam holders. It’s not just talking, had better someone focus on this, or the complains will never stop. No one likes that.

A DAO without supervision is not a real DAO. For example, the umbrella protocol was delayed for two months, which is unimaginable. Everything depends on self-consciousness, which is very difficult

They get paid a lot of money, but they don’t produce anything. It’s not responsible to investors