Suggestions on improving the treasury tax system

Let’s talk about the current treasury system’s problems: each rebase pays 10% tax. Although the current rate has been reduced from 10% to 5%, it is only a temporary solution rather than a permanent cure. The problem is not the proportion, but the system. Paying taxes twice a day is a very high burden. In the absence of continuous capital inflow, or in the case of sufficient capital inflow, the market value of the positive rebase circulation will still shrink. This part of the market value enters the vault, and the damage is held The interest of the person. As a result, investors lose money regardless of the forward or reverse direction. This is a long-term problem. This problem will not be solved unless the problem of the source of tax payment is resolved.
My suggestion: The idea of ​​changing the tax source is too simple and rude. The new tax advice adopts the following methods:

  1. Adopt a similar handling fee model, no tax on purchases, and 1%-5% tax on sales. Real-time entry into the national treasury can ensure both the reduction of sales and the income of the national treasury. After all, real-time income is achieved, and it is a benign and sustainable income, especially when the transaction volume increases, the income is considerable.
  2. DEX should be realized through contract. CEX recommends that the project party lead the communication, collect points through the platform handling fee, and then return it to the treasury address. It should not be difficult to achieve. If you are unwilling to cooperate, you can not go online and heat up the handling fee problem. I think the exchange will not lose big because of small.
  3. The national treasury is equivalent to no longer only having yusd, it can be usdt, or even ETH, all transaction pairs of assets can be automatically sold through smart contracts and can be replaced with yusd again.

I agree with you that the treasure system need to be modified.But I think there is a simple way for modifying the treasure system. We can set a yam market value goal such as 1billion yusd or more. When the market cap is lower than that goal the treasure just holding yam instead of selling yam.

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I agree with you that it’a not the tax rate leading to problems. If The treasure hold yam instead of selling yam, the 20% tax rate is not problem .

Thank bro.I also thought about this plan, and I think adding yusd and yam from the treasury to the flow pool will increase the depth higher.

How can we proposal for that? The community should take action immediately.

I think the main lp should be yam-eth pair, yusd is difficult for most of the people. Once the eth-yam lp is enough, the treasure can swap yam to eth ,and the swap eth to any other currencies,including yusd