Supplement to "Why not store your own currency"

Yam is positioned as a stabilisation currency, anchored at 1USDT, but the fact that not one of the vaults is being stored, but other vaults are being stored, does that mean that the development team is not optimistic about their own Yam? Therefore, I propose that the stabilisation currency in the vaults be yam.If there is a subsequent investment plan, yam could be sold after the proposal is published and approved by a community vote, which would also be good news.As a result, yam could boost investor confidence, reduce selling and panic selling, and help the yam’s participation in the rebase above 1.05 increase the amount of money in the vaults by providing healthy blood to the vaults.
About rebase ratio, inflation of 10% converted into usdt or yusd to vault, did not consider the ability to undertake the market when market is bad, every time the price more than 1.05, positive rebase once every 12 hours, the market will bear the huge pressure, to expand the market is very bad, also let early investors worried, by the past history, each rebase inflation, the prices are far greater than rebase inflation.
To sum up, the appropriate rate of inflation should be that 5% of each rebase inflation goes into the Treasury, yam goes into the Treasury, and later in the rebase, it increases the market value in a disguised way, which is more favorable for the investment direction in the later period.


How would YAM get into the treasury? The only option is minting it or buying it. Both of them are not good because it dilutes all holders or provides exit liquidity to the disgruntled investors.

If someone pays you for your job such as security audit would you rather accept YAM or USD? yUSD is naturally a better choice to pay any expenses we incur until YAM reaches strong stability.