Swapping YAM V1 to YAM V3

I am still holding YAM V1 and I did not manage to swap it to YAM V2. The reason is because I did not hav e access to my wallet for the past few months. I really appreciate if the admin would allow a fair 1:1 swap for me.

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@zumbatech I want to clarify the process that you would need to go through to get your V1 swapped to V3. This will require you raising enough community support to fund a new round of v1 swapping. This will require minting new YAM to be used to perform these swaps.

There are no admins. The core team cannot do this for you as we don’t have this power. It has to be enacted via a governance vote and you will need to write a proposal for it. Some of the team may be willing to help, but it is low on our priorities of things that we are trying to get done.

  • You will need to specify how much YAM you think needs to be minted in order to accommodate those who have not migrated yet.
  • Convince the community that this is a good use of newly minted YAMs (I think it is but I’m 1 person)
  • Convince the community that this is a good use of developer and team time.
  • Show that there is need within the community and try to find out how many people still need to migrate.

If this gains traction then it may be possible to use some of our social media channels to try and find other people who have not migrated. But the process will have to get pretty far along.

This will take some work but it would be a good way to dive into DAO governance and YAM if you are up for it. Plus, you may save your YAMs.

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I am the same situation. I have a few YAM V1 which I didn’t migrated to V2

The v1 migration is over. You can still migrate v2 to v3 .