Synthetics for Virtual Marketplaces in MMO Games

Synthetics for Virtual Marketplaces

Basic Summary
I am proposing that Yam develop UMA synths for virtual markets for games as a part of Degenerative.

Abstract - What am I proposing?

With UMA synthetics and the Degenerate Finance product, there is an opportunity to build synthetic assets for anything. I propose that Yam develop synthetic assets that tracks different aspects of virtual economies in video games. There are many virtual economies to target. Some examples include the Counter Strike Global Offensive item skins market, DotA 2 skins market, World of Warcraft, and Old School Runescape. All of these games have existed for over 5 years with enormous playerbases and plenty of items and market cap.

I also hope that this idea could be extended to encompass blockchain virtual worlds, like CryptoVoxels, Decentraland or Axies Infinity.

Ideas for synths:

Motivation - Why am I proposing it?
Virtual economies have been an underappreciated and misunderstood aspect of the internet and gaming culture. Although it is difficult to find accurate metrics, there are consistent estimates of CSGO’s skin market being greater than a billion dollar industry[0]. I love games, and many of my favorite games of all time have thriving economies based around ingame items and skins. I think targeting virtual game economies in general could be a great extension of Degenerative’s products and would be a fun and profitable endeavor by bringing gamers and game market enthusiasts into crypto.

Some links and articles on virtual economies:

Virtual Economies in general:

CSGO's Skin market:

WoW Tokens:

Item trading websites:


Specifications - How am I proposing it is accomplished?
TBD. Would like stimulate community discussion for ideas of which games would be best to target and what kinds of products might be good prospects. Note that synths must have verifiable numerical indicators, in order to create a price verification for UMA.


Very cool idea! Which marketplaces are the most liquid with verifiable transaction data?

To take a blockchain game: NBA TopShot is hugely popular and the data is public (altho the FLOW API is not perfect yet but services like CryptoSlam use the TopShot API). Could run LA Lakers synths. There’s a large enough number of Moments (Lebron James, Anthony Davis, others) which trade regularly. Already today, people look at the “floor price”: The lowest price on the marketplace for a given player, team or set. They are published by individual users regularly.

Users go crazy for Top Shot moments and there’s been a huge inflow of new users. Altho they are not crypto-natives but many have used at least Metamask.

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And interesting observation about Top Shot: Floor prices go up and down depending on the supply of new packs and the popularity/performance by the Players.

At least for blockchain gaming, this is a great resource to check marketplace stats:

Since this idea, there’s been a lot of cool ideas thrown around. There is lots of support for a uNFT synth. I would suggest that rather than pigeonhole ourselves with 1 NFT product, that we go further and create multiple NFT tracking synths. The NFT world is enormous, so here are some ideas:

  • (OP) Synth that tracks virtual marketplaces (Steam, MMO games)

    • This may not be possible if there is only one single source of data.
  • Synth for Blockchain games (Decentraland, Cryptovoxel, Axie Infinity, etc).

  • Generalized NFT basket (somewhat like NFTX)

  • Topshot synths

    • There may be issues with getting this data. Theo is more knowledgeable on this one.
  • Artblock is blowing up right now. Could make synths that track Artblock or any other NFT projects.

I also want to challenge the community to think of synths that could be created that aren’t strictly just price trackers. The UMA synth protocol allows for ANY numerical metric to be used for a price feed. So we should expand our minds to think of more use cases of this.

Another NFT synth I think it might be interesting to see something that tracks the frequency and price changes of big name artists NFT’s on secondary trades/markets. Beeple, Fewocious, Trevor Jones, etc.

Also, I’m sure this is being done elsewhere, but collateralizing an highly valued NFT is an interesting idea. Something along the lines of… Taking a loan out on my NFT (in an underlying asset) by minting tokens and lending or selling the fractionalized rights to others?

I’ll try to sleep on some synths that aren’t strictly price tracker, I like the thought.