The smartest let most investors left

In case of the strongest voice against mint new yam for compensation and I think everyone from the core team knows this. But smart people know how to leverage the voting process for their benefits.

The voting result looks good, but the fact I saw is that most of yam investors from Chinese community left to ampl, dego and others. All series behaviors from the core team let everyone feel so disappointed which they trust them so much at the beginning. Even the discord channel managers dumped their yams and left. The good news is that the new manager who was promoted two days ago is still holding yam.

I am not feeling sad for the price dropping a lot, but saw the core team lacking a good way to encourage the community, be honest to the community. Losing once is okay, losing twice is still fine, but I believe YAM will not have any future if our core team which has continuity against the community believes and lets them feel disappointment again and again.


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Wait for death, yamv3, the most garbage in the coin world