Those left behind

Is there any way, when yamv3 is implemented , that the people who didnt migrate to v2 in time are compenstated.Can this be done through the voting process?


I think this is worth considering. Some people have lives that continue on outside of their laptops and are subject to distractions that don’t mesh well with unexpected and short time windows.


YAM community can be asked to donate tho those who were left behind on showing the proof of holding YAM V1 before the migration ended.


You can see just in this forum how strong bitterness can be. Smart business move and a just move.

Full disclosure- i bought some yamv2 about 2 days ago. 1 eth worth because i saw the community rally. I am a small holder and completely understand that people have a lot move invested than me both financially and emotionally. I am very interested in whether this can take us. Any of my comments are only meant to assist i also completely understand the anger and hurt of anyone who has been significantly affected. This is new grounds. The best thing for anyone hodling right now is to make this work

They should check our wallet and see how long we been holding it , and let those That bought before the migration was announced to migrate !.. Some of us got really busy under this 72 hrs time frame !..


Not even Ended Proof you had it before the Migration was Announced would help!..

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This should be a topic of conversation, as it seems many unfortunately missed the migration window. Keeping the community whole should be a priority.


I have personally helped out some of those left behind by sending them equivalent v2 to what they would have gotten if they had migrated in time after verifying their claim on the blockchain. Anyone willing to help out with this please DM me, there are still some people left in the lurch I am aware of.


Why not create a proposal that allows migration from v1 directly to v3 ? - I think its only like 2% of the tokens that were left behind but implementing this migration contract shouldn’t be hard to do.


I would support a V1 to V3 migration based on a snapshot from the V2 migration deadline block. I feel like our community should watch out for each other and make sure no one is left behind.

This process probably can’t be automated tho as someone would need to verify the tokens were not acquired post deadline or already reimbursed by huntingisland.


I’m a no. Almost 99% of tokens moved which means almost everyone understood that if you are holding a token with a known bug and the community is going to be very rapidly making decisions, then you need to be keeping an eye on it. The news that a migration would happen came almost a week before the deadline ended which means this 1% of people went an entire week without checking on the status of YAM. That was the risk they took and accepted it by holding YAM rather than selling it so they weren’t exposed to that risk anymore.

There is a line of thinking I am seeing in a lot of the community here that I have never seen anywhere else which is every mistake gets bailed out, every risk gets bailed out, etc. It’s not healthy.


Haven’t been able to post because i reached my daily limit😁

Why is different bad? why is looking after your community bad?

We are not talking about altering code. Code is law. We are talking about a new way of governance and cooperation. Frig, i am a lot more comfortable knowing your around people to have your back.

A smaller bit of something big is better then a bigger bit of something small.

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Hi :wave: I’m one of the people who got left behind. I watched YAM form a community in a matter of hours and when I saw that YAM was in trouble I bought a small amount and delegated it to help save YAM. It wasn’t a lot of money but I was just excited to be apart of it.

It was disappointing when things didn’t work out that night but I figured that a new version would be launched, the community would be stronger than ever, and was really looking forward to participating. Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying close enough attention to realize there was a limited time to migrate my YAM.

I’m obviously biased but think a move like this would do a lot to keep the YAM community whole. For now, I’m rooting you all on from the sidelines.


Thanks for your imput. It would hurt a bit. At least we are having the discussion, a lot of other communities would look after their own interests. I know how i will be voting

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It’s important to follow the rules of the game and pay for your mistakes

It apoears it is inside the rules of the game.maybe we have stepped outside the box.

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See it just makes economic"s only a small portion of what i believe woukd be smaller members (or else they would have been watching) .

It increasea the community size and goodwill and is god pr.

I was part of a community that had a token swap,some missed out. It caused so much pain.

What is it, 1.5% of legitimate people who should be holding what you have.

When rules are made, they must be followed. Don’t give up the spirit of contract for the sake of benefit

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I thought the spirit of the contract is that people could vote?

You can vote, but we will vote against it. It is not appropriate to modify the rules at will.