Those left behind

I think the quicker v3 is released the quicker the community and market can decide. Every moment of rush creates extra risk. It’s a balancing atc.

If you miss it, you can do it again. I hope to vote to get bitcoin back to its original state. I will have a lot of bitcoin in my wallet and I will not sell bitcoin

For me…we get v3 running then the community decides what it wants to do with funds.i don’t we should code anything into v3 on regards to payments grants. I think this should be voted for afterwards. Once v3 in running and stable ,then votes for grants and retribution for the lost should be voted upon

Due to the logic of the market price, it is considered as a possession for arbitrage.
I think it is equality to proceed according to the announced promise.

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There isn’t a snapshot of who held YAM V1 prior to the cutoff is there?

Creating a snapshot is easy. I’m working on one now.

If you’re interested in finding a way to bring users who missed or failed the migration back into the fold, give us feedback on these two proposals:

Only users who had YAMv1 before the migration would be compensated, not those that purchased YAMv1 later.


This is not a good idea. Rules of the game must be observed,

The rulea of the game are being observed. The peasants are voting :slightly_smiling_face:

Lets fix it , move on and then let rhe community decide on the direction of yamv3

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This is not a good idea. Rules of the game must be observed,When rules are made, they must be followed. Don’t give up the spirit of contract for the sake of benefit

A hypocritical person makes a hypocritical suggestion, only to satisfy his own interests, so that everyone can pay for it.

I’ve got nothing to gain I am no better or I am worse off under this proposal

Hello everyone, I went through the v1 migration but it didn’t work, I have a screen shot that says I ‘mint YamsV2’ but it never converted and I thought it did because my check list was all green checks. I still don’t understand what I missed and hope you follow thru on a correction for those left behind. I’m sharing this story so that the No people could see this side of the situation. Thanks

Most users are rising from V1 to V2 at a ratio of 16 to 1 or 10 to 1. Now, because of my own fault, the ratio of 1: 1 rises directly from V1 to V3. Doesn’t this make people feel angry?

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If a v1 rescue proposal is approved, the conversation rate from v1 to v3 will compensate users with exactly the same number of YAMs as if they had converted from v1 to v2 to v3.

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Unfortunately, I think you fell victim to poor UI design unfortunately. The checklist was only to show you if you had all of the necessary elements to migrate, but I think the only way to actually migrate was to press the “migrate now” button on the page below the checklist section. It was confusing, and I almost made the same mistake.

Rules of the game must be observed,When rules are made, they must be followed. Don’t give up the spirit of contract for the sake of benefit.If you do this today, people will have reason to believe that you will do it again and again in the future. Where does confidence come from?

Thanks so much for explaining, I was doing this on my iPhone and did not see a ‘migrate now‘ button.

After I minted v2, the button underneath said ‘Approve V2 Migration’ which I did. The final v2 Yams didn’t show right away but I figured I was good since I burned the Yam v1 tokens showing zero balance. Going back now and checking on etherscan, it says Yam. Wow, I’m learning a lot. So glad there is a community. Keep up the good work, we need you.

Said the man that didn’t get left behind. Ill health prevented me even leaving my bed let alone logging in for this migration. VERY disappointing but in no way surprised particularly by posts such as this! :frowning:

left behind had family issues , now what the hell do i do , first time i buy crypto and probs the last…

YIP-23: YAM FAM Migration Rescue Airdrop or

YIP-22: YAM FAM Migration Rescue Multi-sig Fund

vote yes on this yip to help the lost