Time tracking tool for compensated contributors

Project contributors are compensated by the Yam community or treasury funds.
Currently there is no transparency for the Yam community about the tasks the individual contributors are working on and how much time is spent on individual tasks.
Time tracking tools for developers are standard in software development projects for measuring the performance of individuals and to mitigate the risk of running out of budget.
As of now there are no effort estimates for change- or feature-requests and the corresponding development tasks are not linked to the initial budget estimations.

Implement best practice software project management tools like developer time tracking.
Provision a mandatory and simple time tracking tool for contributors which is linked to the initial effort estimations in terms of change requests, new features or general project tasks.

Benefit for the community:
• Development cost and effort transparency
• Minimize the risk of running over budget or initial effort estimates
• Transparency of individual developer performance