Umbrella Protocol Infographics

Hey all

I’m starting to develop documentation for the Umbrella Protocol and thought it might be helpful to do another visual explainer, similar to the YAM ELI5.

Here’s an initial pass on Umbrella Infographics, based on @trente’s write-up YAM Bug/Hack Protection Spec Overview

Please note that we’re constantly workshopping the protocol, so some of these ideas might change. I hope that the graphics below help folks visualize the protocol in an easy manner and maybe spark some discussion or new ideas.

If you have feedback, def lmk!


Sick graphics, @chilly! :sweet_potato: :umbrella: :fire:

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Thanks for sharing and inspirational visuals, obviously not reused from well known icon-sets and free image libraries.

Some thoughts and comments:

  1. Wouldn’t it make sense the start with “Why Umbrella protocol?” and “once upon a time there was a Yam bug”?
  2. In terms of early end-user feedback and community engagement, wouldn’t it make to share the current WIP on Twitter?
  3. Think some kind of a “beautified” process or activity diagram is required to explain the product (and to finalize the technical specification)
  4. Including some mock-ups of the UI could help to explain.
  5. Does including some kind of a sample calculation for protection seekers (Premium fees) and protection providers (Overage) make sense? Would it be possible even to take the Yam bug as hypothetical case for this calculation?

very helpful notes, much thanks man.

def want to make a “beautified” process/activity diagram next, will share for feedback!