Week of 10/19 Top Initiatives

Week of 10/19 Top Initiatives:

Outstanding Governance Initiatives

  • DPI Set Purchase: OTC Contract created, ironing out details with trading desk, and will publish shortly.
  • ETH/YAM Treasury Purchase + LP Governance: Audit should be completed by the end of the week.
  • Retroactive Compensation: Will be releasing multisig signer information and individual compensation amounts this week.
  • Contributor Vesting Pool: Working with nate on this infrastructure, as we plan to have it be governed by a new Governor contract and have the capacity for contributor-specific vesting amounts and schedules with streaming vesting.

YAM Roadmap and Resource Allocation Update
The original YAM Contributor Roadmap posted 3 weeks ago (https://forum.yam.finance/t/yam-roadmap-from-yam-s-contributors/545) has seen tremendous progress. Much of it was meant to lay the groundwork for the protocol and address key issues. An updated roadmap will be released this week.

Governance Architecture Expansion
Decentralized on-chain governance is a difficult endeavor, especially as a DAO with many desired functionalities. In order to improve efficiency in governance without sacrificing decentralization, we plan to have a more modular governance structure with different quorum and time-delay factors for specific actions.

Protection Protocol Roadmap and Scope
With much of the code for past proposals complete, resources are now being dedicated to the protection protocol. As this will be a full-fledged product, we not only need smart contract work, but also front end development, design, documentation, budgeting, and communications. We will draft a more comprehensive roadmap and scope to make clear the full development process.

- Ongoing Items

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