Yam DAO Brand Guidelines v1

Our Yam Brand is one of our most important assets. Yam occupies a humble place in the history of crypto as one of the DAOs that defined DeFi Summer. How do we best translate the values and vision of Yam into a visual brand identity that can define all of our marketing and creative content?

The following is our first draft proposal for a Yam Brand Style Guidelines, an essential tool for establishing brand identity (in-line with the concepts behind the DAO Re-Org) and help DAO members communicate with a consistent visual language to the wider DeFi audience.

The goal of this document is create strong brand style guidelines that can help craft a cohesive style for the DAO and establish a strong brand voice, an essential step in returning awareness, consistency, and trust to Yam.

Building a brand’s visual identity takes a great deal of time and effort. The document below is a first draft to kick off discussion and ideas with the DAO. Looking forward to your notes and ideas.

Author note: do you align with the values and goals above? These goals will define the define the solutions the brand guidelines will propose.

The design spectrum concept is designed to balance both Yam Core Design Principles with creative freedom and openness for future collaborators.

The brand guidelines applied to various forms of media: website UI, business cards, physical poster prints, and social media graphics.

The design spectrum concept, with core brand colors on the left and expressive alternatives on the right for more visual opportunities. Examples of how the colors can be used are in section 5 below.

Typography-focused designs based around the color palette and font ideas above:

A mock-up of a potential Yam.Finance website re-imagining, paired with the fonts and colors established above.

Below are mock-ups of a potential social media media ideas, physical prints and business cards, to help illustrate the Brand Guidelines in effect