Yam Design Studio

YAM DAO Grant Application

1. What is your name? Pseudonyms are cool too. :disguised_face:

2. What is your discord/telegram handle? :speaking_head:


3. Project Name :building_construction:
What should we call your project?

Yam Design Studio

4. Project Description :thinking: (140 words or less)
*Give a summary of the project you are proposing *

We want to launch our DAO’s in-house creative agency helping design and build beautiful branding, imagery, and experiences for the DAO.

5. About You :busts_in_silhouette:
Tell us about you and your team. What experience do you and your team have that is relevant to the project. Please provide github profiles, websites, prior work, etc

We are a 2 person team - myself and my IRL partner. Our background is in design, film, and fine art. We are a small mom-and-pop studio in USA.

We designed past visuals for Yam including:

Marketing Visuals for Yam / Uma collaborations

Yam DAO Visuals

Metaverse Architecture for Yam

Yam POAP Badges

6. Project Goals and Scope :rocket:
If the project succeeds, what goals will it achieve? How do we measure that success? Please provide specific KPIs. If you are unsure of how to do this, do the best you can and we can work it out together.


Our scope of work for May 2022 will be:

1. Design Support for the Yam Re-Org Project

  • Participate in Yam Re-Org Product Development Meetings
  • Branding Imagery for the Yam Re-Org
  • Social Media Imagery for the Yam Re-Org
  • Visuals for the Yam Re-Org Medium Article
  • Yam Re-Org POAP Badge Design

2. Create “Yam Replanted” Website

  • Website will have a clean, magazine-style layout to tell the Yam Re-Org story in an easy way.
  • Website will collect highlights from the “Yam Re-Org Living Docs” and research papers on the forum.
  • V1 has been built: https://yam.super.site/
  • The goal this month would be to refine the design further and update the site with new content generated from the community.

3. “Yam Open House” Metaverse Idea

  • Research creation of a Yam Open House in the Metaverse to showcase Yam Re-Org in Metaverse.
  • Concept references / sketches of the Yam Open House for community, with a possible 3D mock-up.

7. Milestones :placard:
What are the steps that you plan to follow to complete this project. Is it one step or multiple? If there are multiple then please list all of them.

Answer: The milestone would be the delivery of the assets above.

We have a short runway for the Silo for the time being and plan to submit future design proposals based on the branding / visual needs that emerge from the community.

8. YAM / Ecosystem Benefit :blush:
What value does your project add to YAM and the wider ecosystem? How do we measure that benefit?

Answer: Create good design to build relationships with our community and audience.

9. Funding Request and Breakdown :money_with_wings:
Please include the total funding amount that you need and also include a breakdown of how the funds will be used across each part of the project.

Answer: $8K - 70% in USDC, 30% in YAM - paid upon completion of the above.

10. Other Information :question:
Imagine you’re a YAM holder. What else do you think we should know about your application?

Answer: We’d love to also do more metaverse development projects if anyone from the community would like to chat a related silo idea.


A very good silo. I support your proposal.

It seems like I’ve taken all the attention with my silo and there hasn’t been much discussion on moving this forward. This is a relatively small grant at 8k, but the deliverables also seem pretty open ended. I’d love to see what comes of this initial grant in terms of graphic design but art being so subjective, I have no clue how voters would properly validate success or even begin to value ROI.

While I somewhat understand the deliverables, there aren’t any KPIs or ways to measure success included in this application. That being said, with something as intangible as marketing through graphic design… It might not be so easy to measure success in just a month.

Some ideas from the web

  • % of designs accepted by stakeholders
  • average turn around time
  • % of designs delivered by/before deadline
  • average number of revisions/redesigns per product before acceptance

@chilly Do you have some ideas as to how we could apply some of these KPIs to this type of silo for this proposal or proposals like this one moving forward?

@feddas and @ross any input as to what you’d want to see as KPIs for this type of work?

Can you please break this down into USD/YAM as our last approved governance vote regarding compensation requires a 70/30 max split. (Snapshot and forum discussion).

I have created a discussion thread about changing this requirement that can be viewed here: Compensation parameters. If you would like to see these parameters changed, we must decide how and then go through governance to do so.

Hey Snake!

Trying to be fluid with the process… so I proposed a short-term runway and small budget for Yam Design Studio since we’re still testing out Yam Silo workflows.

For deliverables - the goal would be to submit what’s outlined above:

  • Branding Imagery, Social Media Imagery for the Yam Re-Org Project
  • “Yam Replanted” Website Released in Public
  • Ideas for the Yam Open House Metaverse

If the community is satisfied with the above, the community can decide to confirm the funding, and green light the next iteration of work.

re: revisions + redesigns - atm I’m thinking open meetings to solicit feedback on WIP work, with work also shared on forums when completed.

ya 70/30 is good w me, i’ll revise OP

Want to throw this up on a snapshot to confirm or just wait to do a retro active snapshot like with the Reorg silo?

I’d support either.

Thanks Chilly,

Could you include more detail about how your going to bundle your work with our current infrastructure?
Also when winding down this silo, what do you expect maintainence will be and who will be able to continue updates?
Are there any plans to include the ability for approved/granted silos to keep updated on the website?

Looks great Chilly