Yam Forward Vision & Website - RFF

Basic Summary
Requesting community feedback on two main recommendations as follows:

  1. Yam Strategic Vision
  2. Yam Website Redesign

1. The work that follows was driven by an evolutionary impulse.

2. So we asked the big questions first.

3. Let us consider that Wave 1 is our current state and Wave 2 is an evolved state.

4. A phased approach moves Yam forward in progressive and logical steps.

5. Clear identification of objectives help keep the project on track and relevant.

6. The site should bring users through a series of decision gates, leading to the garden of trust.

7. Yam’s brand messaging must accomplish these critical goals to be highly effective.

8. Organizing Yam into a comprehensible form starts with the Content Map.

9. The content map then informs the Site Structure as shown here in its simplest form.

10. This Information Architecture is offered as a master plan for the Yam.xyz site.

11. And here is the Information Architecture as it functions for user journeys and interactions.

12. Concept sketch: Landing page idea with a focus on Yam Synths and MoFY products.

13. Concept sketch: Landing page idea prioritizing Yam Synths, then MoFY, Roadmap, etc.

14: Concept sketch: More landing page ideas exploring 3 different messaging approaches.

15. Concept sketch: Exploring the idea of abstracting the Yam logo into a hero graphic that represents the diverse world of Yam. And playing with other ideas for messaging at a high level.

Abstract - What am I proposing?
The goal of these two coupled initiatives is to define where Yam is heading and to communicate Yam’s value – including how it is different, why it matters and how it adds value to the Yam DAO.

The proposed Yam Vision will prioritizes/highlight two main products today: Yam Synths and MoFY. Yam Labs is proposed as an internal incubator to house projects that have not yet established product market fit (such as Yam Protection and Yam Treasuries). The purpose of this organizational structure is to prioritize each product, thus providing clarity and understanding about Yam’s product ecosystem and roadmap.

From the broadest perspective these recommendations define how the Yam DAO will pursue a two-pronged strategy of ‘DeFi + NFT/Metaverse’. This approach opens up a larger opportunity space in the emerging ‘Exponential Age’ of Web3 technologies while retaining product focus. Finally, the strategic vision will be illuminated in a brand new Yam Website redesign.

Motivation - Why am I proposing it?
To bring greater value the Yam brand. To help the core team focus on building products that users want. And to ultimately create more opportunities and value for the Yam DAO and Yam community.

Specifications - How am I proposing it is accomplished?
Next steps include high-level messaging and supporting brand work. This will lead the way for the look and feel plus wire-frames design phase. Development and testing phases will follow with a go-live target of early Q2 2022.

Vision and Website Redesign- slide deck
The slides below provide a rational to support this RFF. Please note, some concept sketches are presented but they are not final designs at all – rather meant only as initial concepts for consideration.

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Poll to Measure Sentiment

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This is a venue for discussion about a Vision for YAM and rebranding the YAM website.

I am deleting your post because it does not add to that conversation. Please feel free to make a separate post with your thoughts.

Hi All

The plan looks good. Be sure that for the next website update the treasure value and market cap etc. are also visible without connecting the wallet (with or without YAM). So people can see how rich we are :grinning:

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