Yam/MoFY Marketing Budget (next 3 MoFY events)

Basic Summary
We need incentives for people to want to attend events. The more people that attend events the more artists are incentivized to do events with us. The more artists that want to do events with us, the more choosy YAM/MoFY can be in showcasing only the most renowned artists. The more MoFY is known for curating more renowned artists the more people attend and the higher the value the pieces that are auctioned at events the more cash flow Yam generates.

I propose a 2 ETH discretionary marketing budget for the next 3 MoFY events. We will buy NFTs on Open Sea and raffle them off during the event to attendees.

TLDR generally speaking you need to spend money to make money, so let’s stop fucking around and grow the yam community and treasury and it will fly wheel back into making bigger and better products and events. I love you all and am unbelievably excited for these events and to see massive attendance.




@tmoneywatershoes I support this.

Would probably be good for us to do an estimated breakdown of how much ETH is alotted for each show and then identify accountability KPIs so that we can determine the effectiveness of the execution after the fact and make adjustments for future executions.

Note, this can be done concurrently and should not in any way delay the proposal from moving through governance. Just something I’d advocate for on my end to help us be effective.


Thanks for adds, Kris.

2 ETH / 3 Events = .66 ETH. I expect to use .5 ETH but if we find a badass Yam related NFT we might need to splurge hence having a slight overage for each event.

Agree on KPIs: we will post attendance numbers, likes, comments, and RTs. Completely support the community deeming if it was a worthwhile spend after the fact.


I like it. It’s directly attributable to growing the community and interest in the artists on MoFY platform with trackable metrics. And it is well aligned with Yam’s fun brand image.

Should probably add a poll: Yes | No


Full support for this proposal, let’s take MoFy to the next level.

great idea, this can help our community.