YAM Rebase Reward Pool

Currently, anyone who triggers the rebase has to pay all of the gas incurred. There is no compensation for this action, even though this is our primary mechanism that raises funds for the treasury. For many potential users of the rebase, the fees incurred could be meaningful.

Roughly $2 is paid for every 15 gwei. On any given day, gas fees can increase exponentially for any number of reasons, such as high volume trading during broad market dips and rallies. We should also expect gas prices to increase, until there are meaningful scaling solutions that affect gas prices.

We should have a YAM Rebase Reward Pool that compensates the user that triggers the rebase. The pool accumulates minted YAMs over time and when the rebase is triggered, the user receives the pool’s YAMs. In the event the Rebase is not triggered, the YAMs remain and continue to accumulate.

Why would everyone not want to trigger the rebase even though the reward is present? The gas cost could be greater than the reward. The longer that no one triggers the rebase, the larger the pool will grow. The odds that gas costs are greater than rewards reduce significantly over time.

At a minimum, rewards should be 5 YAMs at rebase (every 12 hours); this should cover costs when gas prices are cheapest.

In summation: I propose the creation of the YAM Rebase Reward Pool.

Please choose from the following rewards:
  • 15 YAMs per rebase
  • 10 YAMs per rebase
  • 5 YAMs per rebase
  • Zero compensation for the user

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