Yam Team Expansion: Add Jeremy


This proposal is to approve or deny adding Jeremy to the position of newsletter author / moderator as part time contributor.


@e: Jeremy is a newsletter author and moderator, joined yam from the first day of launch, helped and supported yam and yam holders to this very moment. Jeremy is focusing on writing down the weekly briefs updates of the governance streams which will be used in the newsletter that he’s as well is working on, did help on marketing and continuously supporting and assisting the users and yam holders across multiple yam community chats. I believe Jeremy is adding value to yam from the beginning, never stopped and clearly always continued to do so.

From the things Jeremy did without being asked nor paid for:

  • Governance call link
  • Highlights link link
  • Newsletter template link
  • Another gov call link
  • Helping community member rescue his 9k USDC link
  • Defi guide link
  • telegram constant user help
  • discord constant user help

Jeremy is to be compensated at $2,083/month ($25k/yr) in yam tokens, to continue helping and supporting yam similar to the original part time contributors with ~10h per week dedication.


If this proposal succeeds:

  • An onchain proposal will be initiated to open a 3 months stream for Jeremy with the amount of $2,083/month in yam tokens, adding Jeremy on the Newsletter author position.


  • Accept
  • Decline

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This proposal was approved by snapshot and on-chain votes