Yam Team Expansion: Update Ronin


This proposal is to approve or deny upgrading the compensation of Ronin.


@e: Ronin is an author, translator and moderator of the chinese community of yam. I believe his comp should be increased as he has shown tremendous amount of work, very similarly to the other part time contributors, but Ronin is not being compensated similarly, while should, since he was also added on the previous part time contributors proposal. I propose that we bump the compensation value of Ronin from 1000 yam BoU/month to 1250 yam BoU/month similar to all the other part time contributors.

From the things Ronin worked on in his time with us:


If this proposal succeeds, an onchain proposal will be initiated to:

  • Terminate the current stream of Ronin, opening a new stream with the updated values of 1250 yam BoU/month, continuing his previously terminated stream year time with the new values.


  • Accept
  • Decline

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Ronin abuses his power and arbitrarily prohibits holding yam investor accounts in discordant communities

Can you explain? This is the first time I’ve heard of this.