Yam Treasuries 🤝 Nexus Mutual: Tailored Protection to Turn DAO House into DAO Home

Yam Treasuries :handshake: Nexus Mutual: Tailored Protection to Turn DAO House into DAO Home

Yam Treasuries offers a turn-key solution for treasury management through DAO House, which provides fully-customizable asset allocation with on-chain control and active portfolio management using TokenSets.

Yam Treasuries started with yamHOUSE for our own treasury, and we have partnered with SushiSwap to create sushiHOUSE. While we work to launch KPI Options to help divest Uniswap’s Community Treasury and form a partnership that could lead to uniHOUSE, we should explore options to make DAO House the premier treasury management service in DeFi.

Partnering with Nexus Mutual to offer smart contract protection within DAO House would differentiate our treasury management services from others.

With Nexus Mutual cover, we can give DAOs the ability to protect assets, which can transform DAO House into DAO Home.

Nexus Mutual can provide Yam Treasuries with the most comprehensive cover policies in DeFi. DAOs that use Yam will be able to purchase Protocol Cover or Yield Token Cover.

Of all the DeFi cover protocols, Nexus Mutual has the greatest amount of available cover per protocol. Their capital model allows for greater capital efficiency, and the protocol is designed to ensure funds are always available to facilitate claim payouts if a major loss event occurs.

Since Nexus launched in 2019, they have sold 5,194 cover policies and protected members against loss events with a record of successful claim payouts, the most recent being the Yearn yDAI vault hack in February. They are the market leader in DeFi cover, and DAOs would be more comfortable using a cover provider with proof of past claim payouts.

We know how important it is to grow protocol revenue to increase the size of our treasury. That funding enables current and future innovation. A loss of revenue for any reason can greatly impact a protocol’s competitive edge, and a significant loss of funds due to an exploit can be devastating for future growth.

No other DAO treasury management as a service provider has given their partners the option to hedge against smart contract loss, and DAO Home would be a notable first for treasury management.

DAO Home would have all of the same offers included in DAO House but it would come with the ability to purchase cover from Nexus Mutual to protect productive assets within TokenSets. DAOs would have full control over asset allocation, and DAOs that use productive assets put into yield aggregators, lending/borrowing protocols, or LP positions could utilise Nexus coverage to hedge against smart contract risk.

Now that more DAOs are offering treasury management as a solution, establishing partnerships to expand the options provided within our treasury management service can strengthen our place in this emerging sector.

A strategic partnership with Nexus Mutual can be the first step in a mutually beneficial partnership.

If members of the Yam community have questions, they can tag @BraveNewDeFi. I have spoken with him previously about offering Nexus cover to our DAO partners to expand the options available to future Houses.

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