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can you update your original post to include the changes and updates that were made to resolve all open concerns?

Not related specifically to your post here, but we probably should have a final document published somewhere that can be referenced in the future. Github seems like a good spot for that. This would be similar to how UMA UMIPs are on github and can be found easily, referenced in the future, and changes easily tracked.

As in move the requirements and Q&A? Is this in response to moving forward with a snapshot?
I’m not sure what you meant by this. Feel free to comment here or DM me, if you’d care to clarify.

Is the text of the snapshot going to be different from the text in the first post? If not then there is nothing else to do. If the snapshot is going to be different, then it would be good to have a consolidated place with that information that isn’t only in the snapshot voting interface, which is often buggy for older votes.

If you update the top post then there is still a record of the original, and if you note the date it was updated then it should be clear for anyone looking without having to go through the whole conversation to get the details.

Well the snapshot typically is just a summary of the discussion had on the forum. The summary is not changing and I’d be linking to this post.

Discourse keeps track of changes and the dates of edits so I’m with you on that. I just want to clarify that when I say I resolved all open concerns, I meant with individuals offline that brought up the concerns which were more about fully understanding my proposal than requesting a change. Nothing of substance has changed in what I’m proposing so if you’d like edits feel free to comment on those edits and I will revise the original post.

I also take it that those that did not reply or answer my questions, were satisfied with my replies or the rest of the conversation.

I noticed that it is up for snapshot. There are two things I need clarification on before voting to approve:

  1. Are there any updates for the requirements and KPI? @designer @Snake

  2. Proposal requested 28ETH / 80,000 USD. Since the value of 28 ETH is closer to 56k now. In addition any UMA rewards have decreased significantly as well. Clarification is necessary for this proposal and also future ones on funding requests. @ross @designer @Snake

I would like to see a split with Yam has part of the payment personally. 30% seems like a good number. Rest of payments in USD stablecoin seems to be the simplest solution vs requesting ETH.


@designer seemed to be good on the existing milestones being used as requirements.
I clarified these descriptions with his guidance

The intent was to capture the amount of value that this work would require. I agree though that following a similar format to the other silo proposals and yip-100 makes sense. Updated in OP.

Per yip-84, the DAO pays contributors at a max rate of 70/30 usd/YAM.

Since we have not changed that, we will still need to abide by it with this proposal.

One thing I forgot to mention is that as the creator of this silo which is used for long term UMA rewards, you have to help in the transition of passing off this project to another contributor to continue getting rewards.

I absolutely do not want to build this out just to shelve it because no one wants to use it.

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Yes, this was updated in the post. I mentioned YIP-100 but it was 84 that established the rule in the first place. mea culpa.