YamV2 Migration After Action Report

Community member initiated to end migration of YamV2 to Yam (current) with the end date of 2/15/2021. We’ve successfully gotten the message out to the community and over 99.3% of YamV2 tokens have migrated over to the current token. Here’s a snapshot on etherscan:

Since migration ends today 2/15/2021, according to the original snapshot, we should end the migration. It has been suggested to keep migration open past the deadline for a few reasons.

  1. The original purpose of ending the migration is to create consensus around current Yam token but not to punish holders that are slow or did not receive the communications to migrate.
  2. The price has been so high for the past two weeks that it would have been prohibitively expensive to some users that are holding a smaller amount of coins.

Community has suggested we consider the V2 migration closed and remove from the website but we leave the function open in case there are holders that contact the community to migrate.

  • Keep Migration Function Open
  • Close Migration Function

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Many voted “close” but nobody argued why.

Here’s my pitch to convince u to keep migration function open:

  • It’s a tiny amount of v2 that’s still outstanding (ie no economic impact; no dilution)
  • It helps us to create goodwill! The ones who slept on the migration but will come later on, should be 150% grateful to YAM and turn into active cheerleaders
  • There’s no effort required to keep the migrator contracts open in the background
  • There’s no risk of favoring rent-seekers. Again, most v2 has migrated so it’s not like all of a sudden zombies will crawl up from underneath rocks and dump YAMs

I totally agree, Let’s vote to keep it open but removed from the website.

Agree with leaving migration open, but hidden from the main site navigation. Migrators can barely cover gas right now, so 0.7% outstanding is not even an issue.