YAMv3 NEWS And prospects for the future

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I think
YAMv3 will be the king of DeFi providing full online support in a variety of ways.
in my opinion
Excluding V3 incentives and feature use
Completion of the accumulated know-how of lessons only in YAMv3

Worst case
They introduced an apparently undisclosed online-only mechanism object, and because on the surface it is an online-only object that is not publicly available, they ran an assistant that performs only one online function regardless of change. .

YAMv3 seems to be scheduled for a detailed vision in mid-September as YAMv3 possesses work technology to work perfectly with YAMv3 in mid-September.
And it will run the YAMv3 migration immediately.

DeFi’s YAM move will, above all, create a dream that not all DeFi types can.
So, they will leave a name on DeFi in the blockchain revolution.
If successful) Ethereum ETC initially discarded the ETC and installed a coin exchange with ETH as the belief in credit was broken due to a small error.
ETC was bought for poop in China. ETH has developed and succeeded in the future because there is technology, and because of this, the difference in which technology does not exist is the fact that the demand and supply of investors is taking place because it is future-oriented, and the fact that it is currently maintaining the largest daily trading value in DeFi. Based on this, there is a large ascent cycle.
(Screenshot from 2020.9. 5. update)

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