YCP Timeline + Roadmap

Below is a tentative timeline and roadmap for YCP product development and launch. While this is subject to various factors from development to auditor availability, this should set some reasonable expectations for YCP’s trajectory.

Would love feedback and additional action items that you think we might be missing! The point of this post is half informational, half request for information!

  • Week of 11/9
    • Finalize protocol design
    • Finalize Name Via Snapshot Vote
    • Circulate Lite Paper draft in community
    • Launch Landing Page
    • Develop and post to forum UI mockups
  • Week of 11/16
    • Publish official Lite Paper + ELI5 Medium Post
    • Determine first metapool
    • Launch capped ($10k max) test + test simplified UI – YAM community circulation only
    • Propose YAM’s arbitration criteria
  • Week of 11/23
    • Publish Protection protocol competitive analysis
    • Test User Interface
  • Week of 11/30
    • Finalize arbitration criteria
  • Week of 12/7
    • Receive Audit
    • Announcement Post
    • Documentation
  • Week of 12/14
    • Launch first metapool
    • Testing Week
  • Week of 12/21
    • Testing Week
    • Holidays
  • Week of 12/28
    • Holidays
  • Week of 1/4
    • Determine + Launch second metapool
  • Week of 1/11
    • Begin value-add feature build-ins

Value add features:

  • Risk Dashboard
  • Coverage Desire signalling
  • Fund via vaults
  • Put idle capital to use
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At current market values, can we make it through a month

well, we’re going to build it and release it regardless of market value, so… yes.

Hi Trent,

Many thanks for sharing the roadmap, please find some feedback and thoughts below.
• Would make sense to (fully) maintain the roadmap items on the Yam Github board?

Seems like some roadmap items are maintained there and some not.

When looking at the infographic:

o So far I haven’t seen anything like persona/user descriptions or end user-stories?

o When will be test-cases be defined and by whom? Shouldn’t be done by the developer but instead by somebody who will use the product later on

o The documentation should probably start with a glossary.

Update: This looks good but needs to be strongly simplified to communicate the product to casual users:

Currently the document is DeFi rocket science level. Creating casual end-user version documentation could be a roadmap item.

• How will the product be launched and supported by which marketing activities?


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Hey! Good call on creating casual end-user documentation. I’m a visual learner so it def helps me to have good infographics.

I’m starting to work on a fun visual guide for the Umbrella Protocol! Here’s a first pass: Umbrella Protocol Infographics

A big yes to the use cases and descriptions of the actors, or as you put it "persona/user descriptions or end user-stories. This will come after the protocol is finalized. Thanks for your insights.

This is something you should consider, if the market value is too low, whether to vote to divide the Treasury