YIP-116: Update Yam's Operations Multisig to remove Hodldwon and add Jpgs.eth

YIP-116: Update Yam’s Operations Multisig to remove Hodldwon and add Jpgs.eth

Basic Summary
This proposal is to approve an update on the general expense multisig by swapping Hodldwon to Jpgs.eth as a signer.

Abstract - What am I proposing?
Hodldwon has assisted tremendously at the beginning of the launch of YamV3 but has recently been much less involved. While he is still available to assist when possible he’s no longer active. Jpgs.eth has been a long time supporter and on-chain voter as seen by his history here:

He’s recently become much more active by assisting as a Treasury Director.


Proceeding with a multisig vote between the currently assigned signers for switching the address of Hodldwon to the address of Jpgs.eth.


Snapshot is live here:

I support this multisig signer swap. Thanks Feddas!

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can we change the multi-sig to be 3-4 at the same time?

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With all the unnecessary drama going on I do not want to be part of it and be liable for anything that happens. I will support your proposals and until potential bad actors are cleared please wait on adding me to the multisig @feddas.