YIP-81 Remove Strategic Assets from YDS

Remove Strategic Assets from YDS

Basic Summary

Restructure the Yam DAO Set so that it does not include out strategic assets (as described in this post).


I propose that we limit the assets within the Yam DAO Set to only those that can be easily re-balanced without worrying about strategic uses. This would change the current YDS make-up to only include ETH, Stables, DPI, and WBTC. The SUSHI, UMA, and INDEX included in the set now would be moved into the treasury proper with the rest of those tokens


This simplifies the re-balancing process for the Treasury and moves the onus of rebalancing our strategic assets to the larger treasury management process. It also allows the YDS to get larger with less impact on slippage for smaller assets. It may also help with solving for NAV issuance and our ability to offer the YDS as a product that anyone can buy, since the assets that will be left will all have native TokenSet oracle support. I also believe that a product like YDS that does not contain the tokens of projects that we are working with will have a larger addressable market and could be marketed to DAOs as a simple diversified treasury management tool.


@krugman25 would need to remove the specified assets from the Yam DAO Set. This may entail selling to ETH to exit, and re-buying the assets for the treasury. Some assets may not need to be re-bought if YIP-80 passes, as they are already above our desired allocation percentages.

YDS TokenSets Page: TokenSets - Asset Management Simplified
Contract: Set: Yam DAO House | 0xd83dfe003e7c42077186d690dd3d24a0c965ca4e

Current Strategic assets in the YDS:
~ 1810 INDEX - could be sold for USD if YIP-80 passes
~ 2930 SUSHI - could be sold for USD if YIP-80 passes
~ 1552 UMA - moved to Treasury

Discussion of the best way to migrate should occur ASAP while we discuss whether we want to do this.

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Remove Stategic Assets from YDS
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This YIP has passed and will be implemented in an on-chain vote in the near future. Snapshot