YIP-85: Create new Human Resources Group

YIP-85: Create new Human Resources Group

Abstract - What am I proposing?

This is a proposal to create an new internal group of contributors who will meet monthly and is empowered to make staffing decisions, propose new hires, propose pay changes, and propose removal of contributors.

The goal of this group is to streamline the contribution process and provide a resource for all contributors to better understand what is expected of them and clear up any problems that arise. It will serve as the primary interface between contributors and governance in matters of compensation and employment.

Motivation - Why am I proposing it?

The current structure to organize contributors and keep them accountable is not clearly defined. Contributors apply directly to governance to be hired/paid but they typically discuss this beforehand with the existing contributors to determine what their proposal should look like. This process is informal and has typically been done by members of the operations guild. This proposal formalizes what is already happening and makes it clear for all parties.

The HR group will formalize the arrangement for new contributors who are looking to be hired with the support of the existing contributors. It will provide a way for the current contributors to signal to governance about whether they think a hire is necessary and beneficial.

Compensation Changes
In order to streamline compensation updates for contributors, the HR group will compile and propose compensation updates to present to governance for approval. This will typically happen on 6 month intervals as streams complete, but there may be other requested updates in between.

This model provides a framework for governance to get information about contributors who are not performing as specified in their proposals to be removed or have their compensation adjusted. This information is not easily available for YAM token holders. The HR group will make recommendations about compensation changes or removing contributors who are not living up the the standards of the DAO.

Specifications - How am I proposing it is accomplished?

Specifications for this are soft as this is an organizational change. Unless specifically disapproved, this group will begin work immediately.

  • This group will meet monthly at minimum to discuss HR and staffing needs for the DAO.
  • This group will make recommendations to governance on Hiring and HR decisions. YAM holders still need to discuss and approve these recommendations.
  • Approval from the HR group is not required to be hired by the DAO. Anyone can appeal directly to governance. Contributors who are recommended for firing can also appeal directly to governance.
  • This group with start with 4 members and 1 alternate (to break any deadlock)
  • There is a 1 year term limit for members of this group. They can serve more than 1 term, but must be ratified for future terms.
  • Group members are initially put forward by existing contributors
    • Proposed contributors for the first term are 0xE, Natew, Chillzone, and Ross, with the alternate being Feddas.
  • Being a member of the HR group does not pay extra or have any added benefits.

Poll to Measure Sentiment

  • The HR group is a great idea. Do it!
  • the HR group is a bad idea. Don’t do it!

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This proposal Passed Snapshot and will be implemented

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@ross The HR group is an interesting development. We would love pick your brain and understand how effective it has been for YAM. Hopefully we can connect via Twitter or email!