YIP-85: Team Expansion: Add Snake

The YAM HR Group (@ethe, @flygoing.eth, @chilly, @rossgalloway) would like to put forward a full time contributor compensation request for @Snake. Below is the full compensation request and list of roles and responsibilities. We support this hire.



This proposal is to approve or deny adding Snake on the team as a full time contributor.


Snake is a smart contract and web developer. Snake will be working on yam and yam projects as a full time contributor for ~40h per week work, while primarily focusing on Yam Synths. Background: Snake has been working and debugging around the UMA Project, understands it well along with Solidity, Javascript, Vue Web, Web3 / Ethers, Python and MySQL. We believe that Snake will be able to contribute in a successful manner on yam, working with smart contracts, building, testing and deploying it, with connecting it on to the websites as well as focusing on sdk implementations and other related things, making sure everything is solid for production and usability.

The compensation for Snake is set at YAM 12,800/month (rate at $0.75/YAM based on the 30d avg.) + Stablecoin $2,400/month, equaling $12k/month ($144k/yr).


If this proposal succeeds, an onchain proposal will be initiated to:

  • Open 3 months stream for Snake with the values specified.

Snapshot vote is up and open until Wednesday, Sept. 29th at 20:00 UTC.

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This proposal has passed! Thanks to all who voted