YIP-87: Team Expansion: Add CryptoJoe

The YAM HR Group (@ethe, @flygoing.eth, @chilly, @rossgalloway) would like to put forward a full time contributor compensation request for @Cryptojoe. Below is the full compensation request and list of roles and responsibilities. We support this hire.


role & responsibilities

My role will consist of artist curation, artist relations, and metaverse content creation.

This includes contributing in the development of metaverse products by providing relevant experience in both NFTs & DeFi. In addition to facilitating relationships with artists, builders, and fellow DAOs.

It also involves managing relationships with other projects while strategizing on how to build out Yam’s presence in the metaverse with a focus on creating new streams of income for the DAO and catalyzing a new community for artists.

Requested Compensation

Full time, $4000/month , 60% stablecoins, 40% YAM

Biography + Skills and experience

I’m a young but, very experienced crypto enthusiast who has been learning and experimenting with cryptocurrency technology over the last 4 years.

From 2017 to 2019 I became familiar with Web3 technologies by working as a social media manager for a few different Crypto startups managing telegrams and twitter accounts. At this time i was also starting to learn about earlier DeFi products like Compound, Maker, and Synthetix.

In the beginning of 2020 I got into NFTs.

At this point i had dedicated myself to grinding in the metaverse as hard as i could weather it was earning wearables in Decentraland, selling my own art, and farming SLP in Axie Infinity. Generally trying to hustle as hard as i could in the nascent space.

In doing so i have built up amazing connections with several Decentraland, CryptoVoxels, & Axie Infinity community members as well as some amazing Crypto Artists and builders in the metaverse. More recently I have moderated for Pranksy and his NFT Boxes project.

Value add to Yam team

I will bring the unique prospective of a metaverse native with over a year of experience using platforms such as Decentraland, Axie Infinity, CryptoVoxels, OpenSea, and Rarible.

This allows me to provide an experienced prospective of all of these communities when building up marketing pushes and dynamic community events.

I will also provide strong relationships between artists and Yam in order to align communities within the metaverse to create with each other. With the goal of generating interest in Yam and driving adoption from creatives in Yam’s community.

What I’ve done for Yam

Created content for the MoFY Magazine. This includes artists interviews which has allowed us to onboard multiple wonderful artist like Emotionull that will be the basis for future Yam events.

Supplied the team with my prospective when it comes to expanding throughout the space like NFT drops, collaborative events in CryptoVoxels, and our future plans for an NFT art platform.

What I’m planning to do for Yam

I plan to leverage my connections in order to collaborate with other passionate communities across the metaverse.

This will include:

-providing content on Yam’s featured artists such as articles and collaboration. ex: wearables, CryptoVoxel art installations, artist interviews and, NFT articles.

-Contributing to Yam’s new project (Museum of Modern Yams) which aims to create a symbiotic relationship between these on boarded artists and the DAO.

-Foster the Yam/MoFY community for artists, virtual land builders and, content creators to build a strong feedback loop of the DAO and artists generating value towards each other.

Snapshot vote: Snapshot
Vote is open until 2021.09.29 at 20:00 UTC

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This proposal has passed! Thanks to all who voted

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