YIP: Add 20,000 $YAM tokens to the general expense fund + reconciliation of all distributions

YIP: Add 20,000 $YAM tokens to the general expense fund.

Basic Summary

Previously Yam has approved a general expense fund of $5000 yUSD + 30,000 $YAM:

We have distributed 19,441 $Yam out of the 30,000 $Yam allocated.


Current Assets:

10559.00 YAM

4,100.00 $yUSD

This proposal adds 20,000 $YAM from the contributor vesting pool. It will still be used for small general expenses, bounties, on-boarding new contributors before voting on part or full time compensation, marketing campaign costs, etc.


Here’s a full reconciliation of all distributions from general expense fund from 1.29.2021 to 4.30.2021


The general expense fund would be responsible for:

  1. Yam infrastructure expenses
  2. New Contributor trials / on-boarding
  3. Development / collaborative tools
  4. Gas costs
  5. Small misc expenses directly related to Yam

If it is possible to pay in $YAM, then it should be the first option.

When funds are low in the account, a top-up request for additional funds will be made.

Voting will be done on snapshot.

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To confirm, this YAM will be coming from the Contributor Vesting Pool and is not minting or creating any YAM, correct?

It is simply moving some YAM from the larger pool of already minted YAM, the the multisig so that it can be used for administrative and other small expenses without requiring full governance votes.

That is correct! Thanks

This vote has passed. See the vote here: Snapshot